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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Chatham-Kent, Ontario on 2017-07-31 22:30:00 - My wife watched a large triangle fly over our yard. i was standing beside her and did not notice a triangle because i was transfixed by exhaust or propulsion of object

My wife and i have made it an annual affair to watch the perseid and leonid meteor showers (weather permitting) for the last 30 years.In the summer of 2017, while watching a local weather broadcast, the meteorolgist mentioned that the earth was going to pass thru a debris field of a comet and the chance of seeing meteors that night would be possible. around 10:30 pm that night, my wife set up her lawn chair in our backyard. she chose a spot that obscured all artificial sources of light and was sitting in total darkness. i chose to stand and just lean against her chair which allowed me easier access to scan a larger portion of sky. we were both staring east when we both said in unison "what the hell is that". something came over the eastern horizon that caught our attention immediately. something very large that was moving quite rapidly but silently. when it got approx 30 degrees above the horizon, i became transfixed with what i figured was the exhaust or propulsion of the object. i was looking at a tight circle of exhaust? or clouds? or gases?That were rotating in a tight circle as if they were in a long transparent tube and they were colored a light blue. the color reminded me of smoke filled parlors of 60 years ago. when the object was directly above me, i held my hand at arms length and this tube i was watching was about 4 hand widths wide. i stared transfixed at this rotating tube of gases? until it disappeared over the western horizon. to go from horizon to horizon was about 15 seconds and it was in total silence. now this is where it got weird for me. i asked my wife what she thought she saw and she said she didn't know but it was the biggest triangle that she ever saw. i never saw a triangle and she never saw that rotating tube of ?. this totally floored me. i again asked her what she thought it was . she said she thought it was a remote controlled drone just barely higher than our tree. i said, i was not aware of a drone shaped like a triangle, that flies in complete silence, and goes from horizon to horizon in 15 seconds. in hindsight, while i was totally transfixed with this rotating tube of ? , i must have seen what she described as a triangle because we both noticed something terribly strange in the sky at the same time. it wasn't until 3 or 4 seconds later that i became totally awe struck with this cylinder of gas. if you were not staring at the sky when this thing became visible, i doubt no one would have seen it as it was almost invisible in the night sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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