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Friday, November 23, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Mazomanie, Wisconsin on 1959-05-13 15:15:00 - A dream i can not shake.

I am a 65 year old female who is compelled to tell someone about this besides my husband.This is not the memory of an abduction,but a very vivid dream of something that happened to me when i was a child around 4. one morning when i was 30 years old i came down stairs to where my husband was having coffee. i told him i was feeling odd about a dream i had that night. when i was 4 years old i slept between my mother and my father. at the end of the bed was a dresser with a large mirror, and to the right of the bed was a roll away bed. this was the actual set up of the room. in my dream i scurry down to the end of the bed catching my reflection in the mirror. i run over to the roll away and put my body across the top of a little gray alien laying on the bed. 3 other aliens ,thin and in long white clothing standing by the bed asked me what i was doing. i said i was protecting purple. they asked me why i called him purple, i said because of his color. being four, that was my favorite color. then they asked me why i was protecting him and i said because i love him. they asked me why i loved him and i told them because he was kind to me. at that point they started communicating among each other, they were very interested in my affection for this little gray. when i woke i thought oh my god what a vivid, bizarre dream i told my husband about it, he just laughed and agreed it was weird. th trouble is over the last 30 years i have not been able to shake this dream. then upon watching ancient aliens i find out that 39% of people who claim to be abducted have rh negative blood and green eyes.Well guess what.I can claim both. maybe this is just a weird story about a weird dream, but i can not help wondering.

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Credit: MUFON

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