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Friday, November 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in CaƱon City, Colorado on 2008-09-10 20:17:00 - Park in royal gorge on 3a road.(5) 50 to 75 yards away looked like men in jump suits loading boxes from under a craft not touching ground. bright light circular with heavy fog surrounding craft. only saw lower stucture rectangular 5 feet off ground.

2008 september 10th or 11th at royal gorge bridge and park road 3a. latitude 38.450464,long.-105.328998 near canon colorado. approximately 8:45 pm (after dark thirty)directly north of 3a rd. witnessed super bright light penetrating thru a heavy cloud around a craft no sound. saw about 5 men dark jumpsuits loading things up to a rectangular structure only was exposed just under the mist hovering above ground. one box looked more like size of a coffin. if this was a helicopter i heard no sound and why was the heavy cloud not blowing around that close to craft. i was driving west bound back to cross to wobbly bridge and had immediately turned off my car lights put in neutral,(no break lights that way),to slow stop when i first saw bright light filtering thru the trees i was coming around to woods-edge and then saw straight clear view at this activity for about three minutes and my wife in front passenger seat witnessed this as well. probably helicopter that makes no sound at close range is weird to me and was in a strange location for this activity. i have digital photo somewhere on my computer of the lighted cloud after craft started moving north and then straight up thru clouds. appeared to be 5 men in jump-suits very silhouetted by light lifting up black boxes maybe 3 feet square by 4 feet long and one box the same size as a coffin up to a structural base and above that craft was hidden by thick bright mist. sun sets in west not north in the direction of my viewing and not sure if the distance was fifty or up to 75 yards away. there was no heavy clouds to west or south of my location at the time only around this bright horizontal perfect circular light.

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Credit: MUFON

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