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Friday, November 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ogden, Utah on 1965-06-30 00:00:00 - Watched circular disc closely following air force plane then dart around and away to mountain top

Around summertime (nighttime 9:00pm’ish) 1965 my then-girlfriend (now wife) and i were sitting on the back of my 57’ chevy listening to music and looking up at the sky – near downtown ogden, utah. it was a beautiful moonlit night. hill air force base (hafb) is just south of us approx. 10 miles and we were watching the airplanes flying out from hafb and over us. i believe it was a c-119 flying box-car that was flying north from hafb when we noticed a round circular object fly south past the plane and quickly u-turned and came up right on its tail following it north towards brigham city. the moon was full and its shine lit both the airplane and the ufo up. we could clearly see the wings and double fuselage/box tail section of the airplane and clearly see the perfectly round object right behind it following it. it appeared just a bit smaller than the airplane. it had 3 colored lights around its circular perimeter. we watched it for a few minutes as they both flew north. suddenly the ufo abruptly shot right (east) instantly over the mountains east of ogden and flew south across the peaks of the mountain range. we were pretty excited so my girlfriend and her 2 little brothers and i jumped in the car and headed south towards weber canyon couple miles to see if we could see it again. we didn’t, so i turned around and headed back towards her house. after a couple of minutes her brothers (around 10 and 13 years old) kept yelling “there it is, there it is!” i finally stopped and jumped out of the car and the ufo was flying slowly north again in and out of the canyons along the mountain side near the top of the peaks. this range is between ogden canyon to the north and weber canyon to the south with mt. ogden peak near the middle. the snow basin ski resort is on the east side of mt. ogden. i watched it a few minutes as it slowly flew north, we then headed back to her house near 30th street and ogden avenue which was only a few more blocks than where we stopped. when we got there and out of the car again the ufo was still moving slowing along the top of the peaks in and out of the canyons. there are a fair number of small canyons and ridges between ogden and weber canyons. suddenly the ufo stopped just above the mountain and hovered very near an area known as hidden valley which is north of mt. ogden and south of ogden canyon and near the top of that part of the mountain. this area is just north of the snow basin ski resort. the ufo’s lights went off, the silver object was still hovering there and slowly descended onto the top of the mountain above hidden valley finally ending just out of view. due to the moon light, the ufo was clearly visible and perfectly round. the hidden valley trail starts at about 22nd street and east of ogden, is about 2.5 miles with a vertical ascent of about 2200 feet above the valley floor (description from website). mt. ogden’s elevation is 9570 feet. soon after it disappeared from view, a bright yellow light slowly flashed on and off out of the exact area the ufo had either disappeared or landed on the top the mountain. we watched until nearly 2:00 am. the flashing was repeated slowly as on for a second then off for a while like a minute or more. my girlfriend’s mother and several neighbors plus she and i and her two little brothers watched this light flash for a long time. we all watched it also descend into that area of the mountain. finally, i called our local popular radio station which at that time was klo radio. i’m guessing i called him around 11:00 o’clock or so. he promptly ridiculed me and made fun of me pretty harshly then told me he didn’t want to hear about and hung up on me. within a few minutes a small airplane flew out of ogden airport just west of us a few miles and flew directly towards that same area of the mountain and made one circle around the area where that light had flashed and returned directly to the airport. i then believed others must have seen the ufo as well otherwise an airplane wouldn’t have flown out there and straight back. being 17 years old, i was pretty irritated at the klo announcer’s attitude towards me so a drove out to the klo radio station at about 2:00 am. the klo towers and station were towards hooper utah and south of roy utah about 3-4 miles from downtown ogden. in those days, it was all pasture/farmland with nothing around. it was usually pitch black out that way at night. i ultimately talked to the radio announcer for a long time – he was signing off about the time i got there. he told me he had about 30 calls about the same ufo/object and flashing light with many of them describing exactly what we saw. he also told me he was out there by himself and didn’t want to hear about ufos, he also related a few stories of his own that happened to him out there. i have researched ufo reports from around that time period and have found one that was similar in pattern, time, moon phase, etc. would like to know of anyone else who may have seen this event.

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Credit: MUFON

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