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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Maple Ridge, British Columbia on 2018-11-12 21:52:00 - 2 orbs floating above the trees. would disappear and reappear again

I was walking down the road from my house to smoke, and when i got to the end i started to hear a whirring sound from the sky. i walked down the road a bit more and thought it was strange enough to record it. my initial thought was aliens but i couldn't be sure. after about 6 seconds of recording the sound seemed to "fly" away. i start walking back up to my place and i see these 2 lights in the sky which is odd cause i live on a large hill and can see the whole valley from my street and have never seen that light in the past 9 months i've lived here. initially i thought it was maybe a cell tower i never noticed before but that didn't make sense cause it was too large and it was hovering over the base of the hill but still obviously above the tallest trees in my neighbourhood. i snapped a couple pics and a short video before i ran inside to grab my roomate. he came out to the front of the house and had seen exactly what i saw. he ran inside to grab his binoculars and as he was inside, the lights disappeared and only 1 reappeared. i snapped a couple more pics and another video. my roomate returned and before we could run down the hill the orb seemed to turn and shine a reflection, once it did that it disappeared again... i spent the next 5 hours sitting on my couch trying to rationalize what i'd seen and scrubbing through the video and pictures. it seems to be a pulsating orb with what looks like an aura of blackness moving around it. this happened yesterday but i am still highly disturbed but at the same time very blessed and enlightened at this once in a lifetime experience.

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Credit: MUFON

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