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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in North Miami, Florida on 2012-11-10 00:00:00 - Approximately 6 light orbs appear as fireball then take shape moving in unexplained patterns then dissapearing one by one

I was talking on the phone on my balcony on the 9th floor of my apartment building facing west, in north miami, fl, november 2012, in the evening, before sundown, when i noticed something looking like very large flares falling from the sky out of nowhere (approximately 6). the falling appeared to lose momentum as the objects then solidified from streaks of fire into approximately 6 separate orbs of light. i did not assume anything about the object when i first saw it but thought it was strange and continued to watch to see what happen so i could figure out what it was, which became pretty strange. as the orbs were hovering in a straight horizontal, the furthest one on the left moved forward and dropped down, once it dropped a bit, the second one patterned it, the third, and so on until all were lined up, and it continued this motion for a few drops down. at this point i really could not explain, this was not an airplane as i have stood on this balcony many times never observing anything like this. the objects continued to hover and i was very alarmed being unable to explain the movement, pattern, lack of sound. i called to my roommate at the time to come look as i now believed i was observing ufos for the first time ever. once the last object completed its final dip, the first object moved directly to the side, and the others followed as one by one they disappeared entirely. this whole thing took around 10 minutes and was very deliberate and was obviously not at the mercy of wind or air currents as a lantern or balloon would be. i wanted to record but did not have the proper phone at the time. i got the feeling there was an intention to indicate conscious purpose to whoever observed this. i was amazed and bewildered and at one point afraid and thought they might actually land. i thought about it every so often until one day around 6 months later i decided to see if anyone had videotaped or reported this or anything similar, which is when i found multiple sightings of orange/yellow orbs from all around the world behaving in similar strange movement patterns with no sound--which shocked me as i had always kept trying to explain it away but could not. i have never seen anything with my own eyes again and hadn't before this incident, but have never been able to forget this. i only recently realized i could report such an incidence and found out about mufon, as ever since then i had become more interested by the ufo phenomenon, whereas before this experience i was not. i have told my closest friends whom i trust about the experience.

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Credit: MUFON

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