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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Rotherham, England on 2015-01-04 00:00:00 - 2 ufos on the same path - both similar shape and size to the gerkin building in london.

I was in my garden, sat on my back doorstep having a cigarette at around 2-3am. i remeber it was partially cloudy. i first noticed the ufo coming over the top of the trees at the bottom of my garden which are roughly 30 to 40ft away from where i was sat. there was no wind or sounds that night, it was completely silent and peaceful. i saw a cigar / rounded object which i can only liken to the gherkin building in london, similar shape and size, this thing was enormous. they were both rotating from end to end sideways. i jumped up as soon as i saw it and watching it flying through the sky above my house and over my head, when turned round to watch it fly past my house another came from the same direction, identical in appearance. they were below the cloud line and completely silent, i seem to remember it having a swoosh sound, i can be 100% certain there was no engine sound. i will try to describe the light from it as best i can - imagine a tiny light bulb inside a grape... it was illuminated but dimmed throughout if you know what i mean?, it had a metallic structure but was somehow almost see through and glowing. the seccond ufo slowed significantly to the point it was at a stand still right above my house, it was still for roughly 1 to 2 second, the glow from it did a little 'pulse' and it shot off over my house and out of sight just like then first one, this was all within about 30 seconds from start to finish. at this point i was thinking that this sighting was the strangest thing in bad witnessed and even wrote about it on facebook, but later that night would get to a whole other level of weird. i went to bed about an hour after the incident, trying to figure out what i saw, i was laying in bed falling asleep and i started hearing voiced in my head, but not voices.. more like an indication of how intelligent whatever it was in those ufos, like something was trying to tell me something, i had an overwhelming feeling telling me it was from the orion constellation, i fell asleep thinking about this and experiencing these feelings, i thought i was going crazy for a minute, this next part scared the life out of me, after i fell sleep i woke up abruptly at around 5:30am to a figure looking at me face to face, about a foot away from me! i panicked and threw my arms out and i know i felt my left hand hit whatever was in front of me, i hit it lightly in the arm or chest, the face that i felt a weird presence and physically felt it left me in no doubt that something was there, when i first opened my eyes i noticed right away it was a typical standard gray you see in movies, it was between me on my bed and my door, nothing else was around for my hand to make contact with, it had big black eyes, a typical gray in appearance. when i panicked and threw my arms out i threw my legs and pushed myself to the other side of the bed the gray had disappeared, i was in shock and spent the next few nights sleeping with the light on! i'd never given any thought to this kind of thing previously and i know that last part sounds crazy and unbelievable, i wish i could have taken pictures or video but i had no time to even comprehend this never mind grab a camera. i was sceptical before but i'm convinced aliens are real, i don't need anyone or any presidential accouncement to tell me aliens exist. i would enjoy finally speaking to someone about this as i've only briefly told my mum and my girlfriend about this, i fear i would be ridiculed discussing this with friends or people at work. so there's my story, the most insane mind boggling thing that's ever happened to me. as a side note, i'm a real no bull shit kind of person, absolutely do not believe in ghosts or anything of the kind but the fact i've seen and felt what i saw makes it undeniable to me. this incident really made me question everything and now years later i would like to discuss it with someone if possible.

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Credit: MUFON

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