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Saturday, November 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua on 2007-07-20 13:05:00 - I saw it by the park of my house, it was floating for a minute or less, the lower part of the ufo was rotating, then it disappeared almost light speed (i didn't see a path)

1. i was going to school in my car with some other 2 relatives, there was traffic, so i was watching the park by the car window. suddenly my relative said there was a ufo in the sky, i didn't believe it but when i raised my head, i saw it, i was still skeptical so i looked away and saw the street light in the park just to process my thoughts (the street light bulb had the same size as the ufo, the streetlights in my city are oval shaped), then i looked back and it was still there. i felt like the ufo saw us watching us (i really believe they wanted to be seen, they have such technology its ridiculous to be "spotted") and it just went up the sky and disappeared, but it was so fast, i suggest it was at speed light. 4. the ufo was just floating in the sky, the disc (lower part of the ufo, since the upper part was smaller, and round) was rotating, i could notice the rotating motion since the light of the sun was being reflected on it, so i noticed in which way it was rotating: it was rotating to the left (weird). i guess it was floating for a minute, then it went up to the sky and when it did that the disc was rotating to the right and then it just disappeared in almost a blink. (when it went up and disappeared i couldn't notice the direction the disc was rotating, it looked like it didn't even rotate, but i guess that's because it was too fast for my eye to notice) the ufo was gray colored but it still had a bit of a reflection (almost glowy but not too glowy, not sure if it looked like that because of the sunlight). 5. first i was like "yeah sure", then i looked and i was like "what?" then when i turned my head to the street light in the park, i was like "is this real?" then when i saw it again and it disappeared i was amazed, and afraid that i would be going crazy/ get crazy. right now, i feel a bit overwhelmed, just because i had a project about conspiracy theories. i didn't put much attention to what i saw, i didn't and i don't want to get all messed up, and i haven't told anyone since its crazy, but i wanted to report it here, just to have some memory of me reporting it, i know i will grow old, and i may forget about it. my relatives are older, and i notice they don't remember much of the circumstances, just the object... i don't know if i would get in trouble for posting this (just like the movies or in the x files haha), i hope not, i don't really care to know more about it; i also don't know if this is the right place to post it, but i hope it is, i really wish this organization will help me stop my overwhelms. i also would like to watch another one in the same peaceful manner i did. if not, i would not want to watch another one! 6. speed light acceleration towards the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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