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Monday, November 5, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Glen Ullin, North Dakota on 2012-12-19 00:00:00 - I have seen several ufo in my life usually with a verifying witness and other contact

Well to start i’m only putting this out there to see if there are similar cases as mine. okay i have had several sightings of crafts in my life.Once when walking a cross the arroyo with my brother when we where younger we saw a light coming at us from miles away low in the sky when it was about 200yards away it stoped at that point it flipped up and became a three light triangle and then it took off so fast it caused a rip in the air that you can physically feel. and i have other stories like once i saw what at first i thought was the moon walking outside one night it was larg and orange typical of the moon that time of year in new mexico i began walking down the dirt road next to my house headed to a relatives when i noticed the real moon and then turned around to see the other shoot across the sky it seemed like it fell out of the sky over the herizon. i have also had contact with well out of this world beings both in an instance where i was aware of what was going on and another where i felt frozen in time as well as numerous lost time and memories of every day things that i know where placed there and did not take place. so i will only put a couple of the incidences on here. when i was a teen living alone i was laying on the couch one night facing the back of the couch and looking up at the microwave in the kitchen when something over took the entire house hard to explain well at this point i felt something enter my spine i could not move what felt like a few minutes was actually several hours then it was just gone and i was free to move agin i had a scoop mark wound on me the next day what’s really strange is my brother when i told him about it had the same wound on him. now this one is borderline insane well back in 2012 i was extremely in to mayan end of day calandra and well kinda was hoping for some life change in the messed up world well one night something prompted me to get up and go in the living room where i was met by five what i wald say are grays well we had a brain to brain conversation that lasted hours at one point i got up off the couch and made myself coffee well the conversation was on the topic of different things including the end of the world and the end of society well i was told that the world was not going to end and that society soon will reach out to breaking point i don’t know what soon to them is they came here to protect earth from us fully destroying it and have came for thousands of years and had interactions with humans and a larg number of people share a bloodline with them earth is a rare thing in the universe with ability to sustain life. well i have more but i think this is enough to see if there are similar stories.

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Credit: MUFON

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