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Thursday, November 1, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Troy, Michigan on 2018-10-18 13:45:00 - Me and a couple ofguys were outside painting a house and saw a brightly glaring object moving east to west; i got a couple pictures.

This sighting report came to this fi's email from chief investigator in michigan, daniel snow, via "google voice". here is the print out info i received: "yes, my name is mr. miller. my phone number is 248-439-3080 in a couple of guys from the outside painting a house, and it was moving from east to west and putting on one heck of a glare. it's probably over by the lake by now the way it wasn't moving fast, but it was moving slow. i got a couple of teachers. it had to be at least fifteen hundred feet up in the air and you can tell whether or not if it was an oil painting or not and no wings. i don't know how the pictures will turn out. so i put them onto my computer if you guys do this. thanks. you need to get in touch with me. you know my number. bye." i then planned follow up with this witness, but noted the phone # above was different than the one printed on my "new voicemail case assignment....(from daniel snow sun. oct. 21 9:54 pm)...."from (248)439-3000 at 1:45). i left a voice mail message with the witness on 10/22/18 to return my call. he called back on 10/25/18 @ 4:30 pm. i learned the following info: his name is kelly miller. correct phone # 248-439-3000 email address: themaximus71@gmail.Com b.D. 11-23-70; he stated he is a twin home address: 1080 michelson rd., rochester hills, mi 48307 (which is in oakland co. the sighting was in troy, mi. (also oakland co.), on thurs. 10/18/18. he didn't wish to give the exact address at this time as they were painting hi lawyer's house, and he didn't feel he should give the address without permission from her, which he said he'd try to get. he stated a history of military service (army), and stated he had seen an "unknown" while stationed on oklahoma between '90 & '94. he stated quite an interest in ufo related matters, and was very interested in hearing about our mimufon meetings in michigan; he and will probably plan to come to the next meeting 11/4/18. i directed him to the website [mimufon.Org] for further info. -----judith kulka, fi

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Credit: MUFON

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