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Friday, November 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in American Canyon, California on 2018-11-29 00:00:00 - I was working outside on fence and looked up and saw about three sphere shapped objets moving in various areas. noticed they were close to each other. sotpped this report to got outside and saw 10 more traveling to different locatios.

I was working outside at about 7 pm on november 29, 2018 and saw several objects moving about in the night sky. i decided to watch as they flew overhead. two of the ufo's were very close and i thought they were going to hit each other but they were flying at different elevations. they were traveling in a south-eastern direction from the east bay area in california. just as soon as one went out of sight many more ufo's appeared and they all were moving spontaneously in the sky at different elevations. a few of the larger ufo's were hovering and seemed to be watching until the others traveled out of sight. they did not travel in the same area of the sky and they had no definate path.Soon i went inside and a friend came to the door; i decided to get his input on the situation. i showed him the objects overhead. we watched for about 15 minutes and i decided to get binoculars to see more details. we watched as many more objects came and went. some had more lights flashing than others and some where red and white and some were yellow and white. later a ufo appeared and had blue lights then red lights and then yellow lights. then we took some video and thet did not come out. in fact one still shot we took was repeating a movement over and over and over and over as if stuck in a time warp. all lights were shaped differently and flashed in different sequences.There were more ufo's moving about in the sky but it was pretty cold outdoors so i went inside.Two hours later ufo's were still in the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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