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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Montréal, Quebec on 2018-10-16 18:00:00 - Group of 10 octogonal-cubes brown-white passed slowly over the 40 at montreal-east-p.A.T

A group of approximately 10 octogonal-cubes in earthly color of dark-brown and beige-white slowly passed in strait path over the 40 highway in montreal-east (pointes-aux-trembles). their speed was regular at approx 30-40 km/h heading towards the east at the height of 300-400 feets (over any structures but lower than would be any planes), they would have followed the tricentenaire blvd once passed the 40 highway. the formation was like in random linear grouping of 3-4 cubes wide by 12 cubes long with spacing in between, all object were having no moving parts and did not displace them self in the formation. the group of objects moved as a whole. i first saw the objects that were far (over a mile distance) from the top of the highway overpass at marien street till i reach the tricentenaire blvd were they were at my full right an then again far. at this time around 18:00h the highway was fully used with the 3 lanes slowly moving at 15-20 km/h bumper to bumper. as for the outside condition the sky was clear and blue very little cloud at high altitude if any, it was still sunny with the sun going for it’s sunset, trees around were still having leaves in the orange color, it was a nice end of day of the autumn here. first impression : i did do checked if i was not seeing a bird formation like gooses due to color but as they pass in from of me i did not saw any wing flap or shapes of bird but instead big (but far) octagonal-cubes of earthly color (dark-brown and beige-white) - may be someone distracted would have think of them as a flock of big birds – but they were not, no moving part, no v formation, just strangely slowly regular displacement of that group. second impression : as really an afterthought (weeks after), as to explain what i did saw, these vehicles were like a tourist tour ending their visiting day of autumn colors (north country of montreal ) passing over some human activities – where they did do pass on each side you can see regional petrol refineries, regional natural gaz tanks and a power station with big electrical lines in and out - all energetic is there – if all this can interest ets ?

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Credit: MUFON

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