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Monday, November 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Capitola, California on 2018-10-25 09:17:00 - A descending ufo appears to change forms during its flight: two rows of multiple orbs around a dark center, then very complex changes occur.

Context: i was taking videos of intense chemtrail activity on saturday october 25, 2018. i started this video at 9:17 am, and it lasted 8 over minutes. my location was 2155 wharf road in capitola, california – facing east. it was only upon review of the video that i became aware of that it included a tremendous amount of ufo activity, and therefore i did not have any reaction to their presence at the time of the video. it is my intuition that these events (the chemtrails and ufos) were not a coincidence. i do not know how they are related, but i feel sure that that is the case. what led me to these pictures were very interesting lights in the distance behind a treetop. the light, which was white, would grow long, and then short, and even change into a dot or disappear before returning. it was there for over ten seconds in the video. this is what first led me to start looking more carefully at anomalies in the video, including streaks for light. ultimately this led me to identify many orbs in the video – some that moved alone, and others that were clearly operating within a group. it also put me on the trail of unraveling streaks of light by going frame by frame, and thus i came upon the pictures that i am presenting in this report. report a descending ufo appears to change forms during its flight. there might be two rows of multiple orbs around a dark center, but then very complex changes occur. 1. in picture 1 the object is at the highest point above the chemtrail. (it enters the frame here seemingly out of nowhere. the object seems to consist of two streaks of light that have dark space in the middle. 2. picture 2, tracking its descent, is quite similar. 3. the next picture shows the object right on top of the chemtrail. in this picture it looks like there are three lights, but it is logical to suppose that the front part of the structure is hidden behind the chemtrail as the object descends. 4. in the next picture the ufo is on the other side of the chemtrail. it seems like there are four parts extending out from a cylinder – like a cylinder or a fuselage with four wings. 5. in the final picture the ufo looks different - like “l” shapes opposite to each other – one facing left, the other right. it also appears that below each of these l shapes there is an orb or a point of light. 6. at this point the object disappears from sight. regarding the geoengineering, please allow me to elaborate on why is was an unusual day. to begin with, there were three flights moving toward the south over wharf road, and that is why i stopped there. that already is unusual. flights 2 and 3 crossed over each other, creating a huge x, and flight 2 crossed over a the top portion of an impressive segment trail from flight 1, the later of which looked like a huge ladder in the sky. there were also loop trails (about four or five loops in one design) unfolding in the immediate vicinity, just off the coast of capitola, and this, as far as i know, was a first-time event. even though geoengineering happens almost on a daily basis here (in an in-your-face kind of way), it was a very unusual day. returning to the topic of the ufo pictures, they are screen shots taken from the above-mentioned video. after analyzing many other events in the video, i suspect that the pictures might show various orbs flying together. i base this possibility on the fact many of the images in the video show orbs flying together, e.G., in close proximity to each other for periods of five to ten seconds. sometimes the orbs would streak through in line as well. the fact that they world stayed close together in some situations led me consider that they might be able to form up as part of one structure. although that is mere speculation, it is interesting to note that i got another short series of pictures of from one event that shows a cylindrical ufo. this object clearly has a cigar shape with dark center and eight orbs – four on each side. (i will post these pictures soon). the question remains as to whether these orbs in either of the two series are… detachable!

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Credit: MUFON

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