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Saturday, November 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bucyrus, Ohio on 1975-08-15 00:00:00 - I watched 2 objects fly around the moon.

I decided to go fishing at our local reservoir, approximately 10 p.M. i walked 500 yards to the spot i had selected. having been there before i was familiar with the outcropping i was on that had a spot close to the water with enough of a hill behind you to make a nice relaxing seat. i lit my lantern,stuck my forked stick into the ground,baited my hook,cast,tightened my line,put on my bell,nestled my pole into the forked stick and set down in my spot and watched my line. since i had my bell on the pole i knew i didn't have to watch it-so i interlaced my fingers behind my head and i just leaned back against the hill. the relaxing process and me facing pretty much due west left me with a relaxed forward gaze at about 45 degrees. right straight into a full moon and a starry night and a multiple ufo sighting!Almost as fast as i saw the moon, i saw a singular object to the south of the(as i was facing west)moon. i see a white ring with an object inside, almost simulaneously a second object(same as the first)came from behind the first object and at a "designated" height from,orbited the moon and came to rest next to the first object in a side-to-side manner and not an end-to-end manner. i watched these objects make a total three orbits around the moon. my bell rang and i watched my pole after that. i had some observations of these objects the first being appeared like an altered version of the return capsules that our astronauts splashed into the sea in. the object was an elongated version of the re-entry capsules. the "heat shield" was still round but contained irregular streaks of light that seemed to be part of the "shield" instead of added on; streaks were irregular an not straight. the nose of the object had an airplane like nose. as the body line coned down(not drastically) to the front window which angled down in a nearly square rectangle with a slight backward angle to a "hood" of the same size as the window but at a slightly downward angle to about half the thickness of the object and that that gave way to the "plane" like rounded nose.

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Credit: MUFON

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