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Sunday, November 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria on 1982-01-01 00:00:00 - This extremelly large ship was hovering above a house & my brother & i drove into the driveway of the home & we both exited the car & stood directly under this ufo on new year's night in 1982. i was 16 y/o & my brother was 19 y/o.

On the 1st of january 1982 my brother & i decided to drive to the lookout tower in kangaroo ground victoria, australia to see the fireworks that were happening in melbourne that night. on our way to the lookout tower my brother drove toward the top on a hill in kangaroo ground, as we arrived at the top of the hill we saw a bright, large object hovering over a house. we couldn't believe what we were seeing. my brother drove & parked in the driveway, we exited from the car & stood underneath this ufo. there was no sound coming from this square/rectangular object. this object simply hovered above the house for some time. my brother & i stood looking at this ufo for a period of time. for me i felt like i had lost time, then my brother said to me that we should get back in the car & drove us to the lookout tower which was only a short drive from where we were. my brother & i arrived at the lookout tower & climbed up the stairs to the top. at the top of the lookout tower we had a 360 degree view around us & could see the light ofthe city of melbourne way in the distance. because it was a clear night with no clouds in the sky as it we summer, we could not see any sign of the ufo. we couldn't believe that this ufo was not to be seen by us, even though we could see ever so far into the distance with our 360 degree field of view. we both had a feeling of disbelief about the fact that we couldn't see this ufo. on this night neither me nor my brother had consumed any alcohol as i was only 16 years old & my brother was 19 years old. our parents never allowed us to drink any alcohol. after this incident we went back home & told our parents what we had seen. in 2008, i drove my car back to where my brother & i saw the ufo above the home in kangaroo ground & the house where we saw the ufo in 1982 was no longer there & there was no grass to be seen. this surprised me & so i phoned my brother, who was living in a different state of australia, my brother was intrigued by what i had found all those years later. after some many years had gone by in 2007/2008 i had become extremely ill with a small brain tumor, as well as a large tumor behind my heart in the right hilar node, i had also had 2 strokes, & this year, 2018 i had a 3rd stroke. my brother had also acquired prostate cancer for which he had his prostate removed this year of 2018. i honestly do not know if any of my illnesses or my brothers illness had anything to do with being so, so close to that ufo in 1982.I can't remember whether the ufo left the seen first before we went to the lookout tower.

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Credit: MUFON

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