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Friday, November 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on 2018-11-21 17:30:00 - Amazing, intriguing, confusing, extraordinary, confirming

I was standing behind the house looking at the stars in the sky while having a cigarette. the first ufo encounter happened around 5:30 pm. the last ufo encounter happened around 7:30 pm. in this span of 2 hours i witnessed 5 different things and objects in the sky(5 ufo's). i would call it one of the most amazing and influential ufo sightings i have ever experienced and i've witnessed over 3 dozen ufo's over the years; although 60 % of these ufo sightings could be dismissed as just natural phenomena or of human construction and origin. the first sighting around 5:30 consisted of around 8-12 star like objects. i first witnessed them shining bright instantly appearing travelling all together at same speed in a north to south direction fading away to the south and slightly east. the sighting lasted around 5 seconds. i shrugged this one off as probably just meteor shower. but it was weird because the stars had no tails it was like if someone took the stars of the american flag put 8-12 of them in the sky in lines of 3 or 4 and one line having 2 or 3 stars. the stars were travelling fast but still able to view event for that 5 seconds. the second ufo sighting is the cherry on top of the sunday. after the first sighting took a shower cleaned up and then went out for another cigarette around 6:30 pm. about half way through cigarette i looked up and slightly to the west i see 3 fiery objects. the best description i can give is that what i saw and witnessed was fire in the sky! more like fires in the sky but that's what it was. there were 3 rectangular objects high in the sky and they looked like fire. not on fire but they were fire and rectangular in shape. 2 of the objects traveled close together while the 3rd fiery object was a little behind the other two. then out of amazement the 2 fiery objects in front slowed down almost directly above me to allow the 3rd object to catch up or that is what appeared to be happening because as soon as the 3rd object caught up to the other 2 all 3 objects started moving together at the same speed! but it was while the 2 objects were waiting for the 3rd to catch up that i witnessed one of the 2 objects move sideways a little bit to the east. i was blown away. i instantly knew these objects were under intelligent control. whether disguised craft or some sort of entity existing as fire this was no shooting star or meteor shower. it did not appear to be of this world let alone this dimension. but could have been craft disguised as fire for camouflage or something pose as a meteor or shooting star. i think the ufo sighting lasted around 10 - 12 seconds but it felt like seconds but i know it was longer than few seconds feels like time was distorted. so now i had a fire in the sky ufo sighting and had same thing happen to me as val johnson and the case of the ufo car which i have great understanding of what happened and feel i know partial truth to this sighting of a blue orb and stars rotating. anyways i got off topic. as the 3 fiery objects headed south in direction(they came from the north) i watched them fade away and disappear in the distance but not before walking south about 8 steps to the side of the porch to catch as much of the ufo sighting as possible. i own a phone and camera but both are at my parents which i do not have access to. even if i had them the ufo sightings happened so quickly i probably wouldn't have been able to capture them on film and have that evidence. but nonetheless even without evidence i know for sure 100% that what i saw was not human or man-made it was either extra-terrestrial or supernatural of some sort. it blew my mind in a good way. i have a friend who keeps saying and kept saying after the events of november 21, 2018, "they are trying to abduct you, seriously they are trying to abduct you". my response, "i'm not afraid of them". to continue on about half an hour later around 7:00 pm a friend oudanis and i were outside smoking and witnessed something weird. it was like what happened earlier with the 8 - 12 stars in the first incident( almost in same spot of sky too). a bunch of objects appeared but looked like faded balls of light in the sky and there were many. we both saw them but only for less than 2 seconds. we kind of just scratched our heads and asked ourselves wonder what that was type deal. kind of just shrugged that one of as maybe meteor shower. then at about 7:30 was out again having a cigarette. i look straight up and slightly to the east i see a shooting star heading west basically right above me. but as the shooting star passes over head it's almost as if it stopped disappeared for a second; then there was a flash a bright flash of light followed less than 2 seconds later by another bright flash of light and then nothing just darkness of the night sky. a lot of people don't like smoking but damn if it wasn't for smoking i may not have witnessed these ufo encounters and many others over the years lol. putting a positive spin on smoking. i smoke weed and drink but was not under the influence of either when i witnessed these 4 or 5 ufo sightings. i consider the last ufo sighting possibly 2 different ufo's but may have very well been just one as what appeared to be a shooting star and the two bright flashes of light are obviously interconnected. shortly after the last ufo sighting i started writing the detailed events of the ufo sightings as i know from police foundations program it's best to get down details soon as possible after event or incident. and do so within 24 - 48 hours because after 24 hours memory may start to get a little fuzzy and after 48 hours it definitely will get fuzzy and memory recall may not be exact. there were several planes in the sky pretty far from sightings though. i believe that there has to be a pilot from one of the planes that must have witnessed the same thing i did speaking about the second ufo encounter at 6:30. the second sighting was one of the craziest ufo sightings i have ever experienced! very cool but leaves me asking some questions and one very important question: what the hell did i see at apprx. 6:30 pm on the evening of wednesday november 21, 2018 that i can safely say is and describe as fire in the sky specifically 3 rectangular fires in sky about the same size of my thumb if i were to look up extend my arm and hand and put my thumb up. i wonder if there is a link to that ufo encounter back in i think the 1970's which lead to the making of the book and then film fire in the sky which i do not believe i have seen but probably should watch now hahaha. so that's what happened to me on november 21, 2018 which made for a pretty crazy night but awesome night. i am a rogue ghost. not literally it's a figure of speech. i am tougher than god to get a hold of to talk to. i have an email but do not have access to it so i will not email you back. i have no cellphone. i was just recently homeless and was what i believe targeted by a secret society for mental manipulation through the use of drugs and therapies which i eventually declined which they then tried to make me look crazy and destroy my life for not joining them and telling them all of what i know and the secrets that i kow and truth's i'm willing to tell and spread and relay to others. but the more i try to expose the truth of ufo's, aliens and topics and things such as the purpose and reason for my being our being and so on. they don't wish these to be answered but i do and they know i'm willing to tell others and expose this. so they broke me down, took away my confidence, tried to use me and control me and when all that failed took away food, shelter all my basic needs and i still held my ground. i was forced into the psyche ward at the ottawa civic hosptal. go figure after 72 hour assessment i was deemed not crazy and free to go. but my parents acting really weirdly said i couldn't go home. with no money, no home i did what came next. went out live on the streets. and even when i was on the streets i still held my ground and did not break down. now i am back stronger than ever and i'm ready to take down these giants who are hiding the truth and the true reality of the world in which we live in and are experiencing.... are you? but even though i am ready i will still take my sweet ass time as i do not like to be rushed( i don't think anyone likes to be rushed). if you would like to meet me and know more send a field agent to find me.

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Credit: MUFON

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