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Thursday, November 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Charles Town, West Virginia on 2018-07-08 12:49:00 - The object appeared to be hovering and stationary at a good distance away. we lost sight of it once we took the exit ramp.

My parents and i were driving in charlestown, wv to our destination. it was a sunny afternoon with a clear blue sky. as we were going up the road, alongside a lot of flat land and barns, my mom noticed an object outside her passenger window. she said “what is that?”. i looked out my passenger window and noticed an object in the distance. shortly afterwards, she said “is that a plane?”. i thought so at first but then pulled out my phone to record a video of the object. while doing so, my dad was driving at the time and noticed it as well. i told them i was going to film it. my dad said “zoom in on it steve.” as i zoomed in, i noticed what looked like a whitish or silver object that seemed to have the sun’s reflection on the surface. i said “that ain’t no plane.” my mother then said “no it isn’t.” she then told my dad “this isn’t moving.” the object appeared to be hovering and stationary at pretty high altitude. it looked like a missle/cigar-shaped object (like a long ibuprofen) with a blackish mark on the center of it. (black stripe down the middle). while filming it i felt a strong sense of amazement. i couldn’t believe what i was looking at. it was something that neither i, nor my parents have ever seen before. the recording and sighting were under a minute long. as we turned off an exit ramp, i lost sight of it. a few minutes later after arriving to our destination, i looked around in the sky but couldn’t find it anywhere. throughout that afternoon i kept thinking about it. also thought about it on the ride home that same day. told my parents, “guys i have a feeling that was what i think it was”. i’ve always had interest and curiosity in ufos but never thought in a million years i’d ever possibly see one. later that evening while viewing the video 100 times in shock and amazement, my dad openly admitted that prior to that day, he didn’t believe in that phenomenon. the sighting opened my dad’s eyes.

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Credit: MUFON

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