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Thursday, November 29, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Las Cruces, New Mexico on 2012-11-05 19:00:00 - Jets encircle large triangle

It was just after civil twilight and i was preparing to meet my friends at a bar for my birthday. i was sitting inside my house when i heard and felt a loud rumble, strong enough to shake the water in my glass, which i correctly identified as the afterburners of fighter jets before i went outside to my front yard to see four f-16s flying at very low altitude (~500ft) and setting up a circular holding pattern around the town. within just a few moments, i noticed what was at first a small orange light far to the southwest. it approached the airspace over the town at a staggering speed and then abrupbtly broke into a hovering manuever over the the town, perhaps a half mile west horizontally from my location and at an altitude somewhere between 500-1000 feet. the fighter jets remained in this circular holding pattern for the duration of the event. the orange light/orb was hard to look at directly without squinting due to the intensity of the light. as my eyes adjusted, i realized that it was not just a large orange light, but it was a triangular shaped craft, each side equal in length, with a large orange orb-looking light in the middle of the bottom surface of the vehicle. there appeared to be a much smaller, dimmer blue light at the apex of each vertex of the triangle as well. the surface of the craft was difficult to see not only due to the intense light, but it was also seemed to be both semi-transparent and semi-reflective at the same time. the surface was almost the same color as the night sky, but looked slighly distorted. the craft was also quite large, perhaps 500-600 feet on a side. i was astounded at the amount of energy it must require to hover such a large structure, and was speechless at this incredible sight. about 3 or 4 minutes into the event, i started looking around the sky to see if there were any other vehicles besides the large triangle and the four fighter jets. i began to notice tiny points of light on the horizon, far apart but always travelling in groups of three and moving at incredibly high speed in a non-linear fashion. they changed direction abruptly and moved from horizon to horizon in a matter of seconds. i lost count after 7 sets of 3 objects and was unable to tell which ones i had counted already. in another 3-4 minutes the points of lights vanished all at once, and then the large triangle quickly accelerated to the northwest and disappeared within a matter of seconds. after the orange light completely disappeared the fighter jets took off towards the northeast, in the direction of holloman air force base.

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Credit: MUFON

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