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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Morrisville, Pennsylvania on 2018-11-07 19:30:00 - Briefly witness two balls of light flying parallel to each other from south to north over my head. traveling at high speed and without noise.

At approximately 7:30pm on 11/6 or 11/7 i was letting my dog out. i was on my covered porch, opened my rear porch screen door and the dog went down the short flight of stairs to the yard. i walked out from under the covered porch and onto the top step of the stairs. i started to glance up to take a look at the clouds because they were moving unusually fast from sw to ne. as i was watching the clouds go off into the distance two white balls of light seemed to come out of nowhere and dart from south to north at a extremely high speed. so fast that they couldn't have been in my view for more than a brief second. the two balls of light seemed to travel just within or above the clouds because they put off radiant light onto the clouds around them and were traveling perfectly parallel to each other (approx 100-200 yards between them). i did not catch them come into my view from over a nearby house or from behind a tree. they caught my attention as they were passing from approximately 45 degrees from my position until 90 degrees. i followed them with my eyes and as i looked straight up they were gone. i'm not sure if they were moving too fast to maintain view or they just disappeared. i then stepped down into my yard to clear the covered porch completely and look towards the direction they were they seemed to be heading. i could not see where they went and did not see them again. they put off no sound at all. they only sounds i could hear were the traffic from nearby and the trains passing in the distance. i stood in my yard for about 5 more minutes waiting for a repeat to what i witnessed so i could dismiss what i saw as something more rational than a ufo, however no other objects or lights of a similar origin were seen. i dismissed it as an aircraft because there was absolutely no sound from the objects as they passed overhead. i also dismissed it as a spot/search light because there was no repeatable instance of a rotating or panning spot light pattern. also with most spot lights even on the clearest of nights you are able to see the faint beam of the light shooting up from the source of the light. this is my first instance of something i truly could not explain.

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Credit: MUFON

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