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Monday, November 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 1951-05-31 15:00:00 - Saw a ufo as an 11 year old child on two ocassions in 1951

i am 78 years old. i was 11 years old in mid-june,1951. 67 years ago and was attending a year round catholic boarding school in san fernando valley, california. perhaps my experience relates to another event at that time? school was out for summer, it was the middle of the afternoon on a clear day when i looked up and first noticed the lights. i was only 11 years old, but i have never forgotten the impact and experience and i am interpreting through my childhood's perspective (*). i had never seen anything like it. there were two sets of multi-colored, slowly blinking lights, each about the size of two large wwii bombers, about a football field's length up in the sky. because of the bright day it was difficult to see much 'surface' as it/they seemed almost transperant, but just enough to barely determine shape. each set of lights was shaped like two diamonds with their bottom points touching/connected to each other. i watched in awe for several minutes. then, the light/diamond shapes took turns seperating at their points for about a distance equal to their size. several seconds later they reconnected and several seconds later, poof, they just diappeared. i was afraid to tell anyone, even my best buddies, because in religion class we were learning about dark angels, evil spiirts and people being burned at the stake, etc. the old school nuns probably wouldn't believe me or i might get in big trouble somehow, so i said nothing. i didn't feel threatened or any harm from the lights/shapes only fascinated curiosity. of course, young boys are full of imagination and i wondered if what i had witnessed was real. a few days later at approximately the same time of day the same event happened again in a somewhat similar way. i did not share this information as an adult because of certain stigmas like the taboo of a pilot reporting a ufo. not a lot to share or data, i know. the school i attened was gated, we didn't leave the facilities often and were unaware of such things as ufos. i have not had any other such experiences. (*) i have always privately felt and known that there was something super scientific 'alien' about my expereince. yes, it has had an effect on my world view and philosophy. any feedback appreciated? thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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