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Friday, November 30, 2018

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UFO Landing in Nevada City, California on 1984-07-26 22:00:00 - Extremely sparking glowing golden sphere 7000 ft sierras

Absolute truth-no elaboration been wanting to vent for years--boy scout campfire. you won't believe this-but absolute truth--boys wanted to go to tents-i said not yet-the great kahuna is coming-i circled fire and said this 8-10 times. suddenly straight down came a gorgeous golden sphere emitting hundreds of sparks like old fashioned sparklers -it was glowing gold and at a certain lower level for 5 seconds i could hear a sizzling sound-i told petrified kids and adults it was a fireball-but i knew it was not! it descended 90 degrees straight down slowly-but somewhat fast. it went down 2 ravines over and landed out of sight.No sound or light was emitted when hit mountainous ground. 10 minutes or so, a second exactly the same kind of sphere farther east landed. next day 2 adults and 8 boy scouts including my son absolutely would not talk about it. the most i got was that was beautiful and strange from 1 adult. even though i am a scientist and have always believed in the truth no matter what--predicting this other worldly beautiful and strange event did not bother me until later. i was over joyed or stunned at this beautiful event and felt it was manufactured (not by humans). i would have looked for it, but i was responsible for getting all these people back to home.There was no information at the time and for many years later. everything i have said is accurate and the truth. do with it what you may. my testimony.

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Credit: MUFON

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