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Saturday, November 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Linclon, Missouri on 2013-06-03 02:01:00 - I was on my patio late when i saw the lights .While i tired my head for 5 seconds it was now above me

I a letter to mufon a few years back i thought they would call or visit .Didn't happen so here's the story . i was up late smoking on my patio as noticed lights about a quarter of a mile away .Wow. i turned my head to my back door thinking do i have a camera near by maybe for 5 seconds .When i turned back around the craft was right above me at tree top level.Wow i was as calm as can be .Nothing really bothers me .I first saw the lights on the back under side of the craft .I leaned up then saw 3 large lights on guess on the front underside .Very large lights kind of a creamed yellow white color .The smaller lights under the bottom were of a few colors .One was the color of the big lights and a red.Blue green orange i think.They went out as it was coming to a stop .I kept looking from front to back .Then the a weird thing happened.I started to feel my brain .I don't know if it was firing off or what .Then i heard a sound then i must had gone out.When i came too .My chair was 6 feet away from where it was .As i was lifting my head the first thing i thought was why are my hands like this .My palms were up laying on both sides of my leg .We don't sit like this .With our plams up .And now i'm facing toward my house 6 feet away from where i was .I was sitting very near a leadge in front of me .My arms should have fell over the arm rest.I was in kind of a dazed when i woke .It was gone. i want to know what happened to me .

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Credit: MUFON

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