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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Fresno, California on 2018-11-20 04:49:00 - Long rectangular light green hue object hovering near airport was observed then it blinked out

Early tuesday morning at approximately 4:45am, november 20, 2018. i had just parked my car in the parking lot and begun walking to go to work. as i walked up to work from the parking lot before entering the store, i noticed an object in the sky over by the airport. it looked unusual and it caught my eye. i instantly took out my cellphone and begun to record this object in the sky. i could tell it was not a street light because it gave off a light green light approximately near, if not over the airport. it hovered there motionless while i was recording it. then a coworker walked up and thought i was taking a selfie. when i yelled out, what's that in the sky over there? i recorded it for one minute and took one picture when we both were observing it. then out of the blue, it turned off like a light. that's when he knew it wasn't normal to do that but i knew it was no drone, blimp airplane or helicopter but either a government black-ops or ufo. either way, it was large if not huge by any standard airplane and it definitely gave off light opposed to glowing. we also heard like a loud jet noise for about 5 seconds or less then it was quiet but no jet or plane flew over us. i definitely was highly excited for what i saw, not to mention i recorded it and took a picture of it. i have a picture and video ready to be analyzed. what i do know is that thing was massive, real massive.

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Credit: MUFON

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