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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Avalon, California on 2018-11-28 06:32:00 - A bright pinpoint object high overhead that hovered then moved smoothly in various directions.

Normal sunrise walk on catalina island with a friend. he noticed it first and pointed it out. i had difficulty even seeing it at first. super bright pin-point of light. i often see unexplained lights over the island, so have downloaded the flightradar24 app and skyguide app to confirm or deny aircraft or other normal skyscape. i took out my phone and opened flight radar...No aircraft showing in that area. i opened sky guide to check for satellites, space junk or space stations. nothing in the area. normal skyscape stars or planets didn't coincide with the object. took videos (iphone x) and captured it, but often had it out of frame due to the bright sky. feelings and reactions...We both have seen enough unexplained lights and objects over the island to accept that they exist. no fear, just curiosity. it did seem to "evaporate" for brief moments, hover in one spot, then move smoothly in various trajectories. no erratic speeds were noticed, it seemed to stay within a large area directly overhead. we lost sight due to the sun coming up and it blending into the brighter sky, so we walked home, knowing we had it on video to check out later. i decided to send it to mufon, even though it was largely unremarkable, because of the concurrent or subsequent contrail/chemtrail. i'm attaching video and still shots as a reference for the sky this morning. shot of the harbor at 6:33am, then three minutes later a persistent contrail/chemtrail showed up, still visible at 6:49am. we didn't see it forming, or the aircraft that must have left it. the videos of the object were taken at 7:04 to 7:08, but we noticed it earlier. caught a shot of another vapor formation that "dropped" through the clouds toward the sea (photo taken at 6:41). as we walked home a large airplane flew over at a much lower altitude than the object. i opened flightradar24 and it was easily identified as a commercial flight on its way to lax. i missed the opportunity to screen shot the airplane info for altitude, origination and speed (which i noticed was over 400mph). next time...

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Credit: MUFON

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