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Thursday, November 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lake Wales, Florida on 2018-11-09 00:00:00 - Just throwing this out there. i am convinced it was unidentifiable in my eyes.

My wife and i were on a slow move in a parking lot, she is a total disbeliever but she did see the object. it was slightly cloudy, i said to her can you see that? she said yes probably a weather ballon. i said can’t be a weather balloon it’s the wrong shape i said looks like a ballon on it’s side. but it’s moving to uniform. i said why can’t anyone else see this? it looked chrome but a bit greyer it was reflecting the clouds, not impossible to notice? i said get a video of it, then she said what are you a conspiracy theorist now. i tried to get my phone out but by then it was out of sight the clouds we not low but that’s where it seemed to have appeared from. i was using a roof of a building as reference as i was watching it, although this happened all in about a min. i was running parallel which made me think it was not a helium ballon it was moving in my eyes at about 100 mph did not seem to be erratic in movement just very methodical and straight, that’s why my wife said drone; that was probably a good description as to how it was traveling but the didstance was too vast and it just disappeared as quick as it appeared. i was not in a position to follow it. my wife dismissd it but i said trust me that will be on the news but nothing? so then i just dismissed it but then i see a few days later on the internet pilots had witnessed strange objects over ireland. so i thought i would just throw this out there. maybe nothing but i have been around for a few years and have seen quite a few things in my time, this did make me stop and think for a second. ps. i am not nuts and do not take any medication i have good vision and so dose my wife, we both don’t drink or smoke in fact i would class us a a very normal everyday couple. i showed my wife the internet news report of the sightings in ireland and she still says could be anything. i am not sure, i am gonna sit on the fence. it looked very interesting to me. it was almost a classic ufo shape but it was not huge but not small. it seemed to blend in the clouds we only see it for a very short time. to be honest, i still am very convinced what i see was not anything i have ever seen before. totally genuine sighting i think if i see thousands of reports on the tv i would have thought hoax or prank but it seemed like nothing no one else see it? or they did but did not report anything. i don’t know, just very curious. take care

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Credit: MUFON

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