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Saturday, November 10, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Loyalton, California on 2003-05-09 19:30:00 - Ufo causes night vision

This sighting took place in may of 2003 in a small northern california town called loyalton. loyalton is located north of lake tahoe in the sierra valley. honey lake, herlong, and sierra army depot are located just 50 miles or so north of loyalton. growing up so close to the army depot i was very accustomed to seeing strange objects in the sky, during both day and night, but always dismissed them as military aircraft. on the evening of the sighting i was 15 years old and my girlfriend at the time and i were sitting on some steps outside our local middle school gymnasium building facing north. 3 of our friends were on the opposite side of the building (to our south) playing basketball outside. the sun was down and the sky was nearly black, last moments of twilight before complete darkness. a large triangular shaped craft suddenly glided over the building coming from the south and headed north towards sierra army depot. it was black with white lights at each corner and very large, bigger than the gymnasium building. it was very low, maybe just 100 feet or so above the building and completely silent, yet my girlfriend and i were somehow immediately aware of it and both looked straight up as it glided overhead. as it moved over and away from us to the north a very strange thing happened. the only way i can describe it is it was like a wave of color rolled over and away from us with the craft. it was as if we could suddenly see in the dark but there was no obvious light source. i could see everything clearly but there were no shadows cast by the trees and buildings all around us. the craft had lights on it but they were not that bright, and the color/light wasn’t focused on one area like a light being projected downward. it was as if i could see everything like it was bathed in sunlight, bright vivid colors but no shadows of any kind. as it moved farther away darkness returned all around us but we could still see the wave of color moving away from us with the craft until it disappeared into the distance. the whole event was over in probably under a minute. my girlfriend and i looked at each other in disbelief, said something to each other along the lines of “did you see that?” then we ran around the gymnasium building to our friends thinking they must have seen it too since it would have had to pass over them first before it got to us. they didn’t see a thing and thought we were making the whole thing up just to mess with them. i have seen plenty of lights in the sky both prior to and after this event but have never experienced the strange “night vision/wave of color” that occurred nor can i find any other ufo encounter that sounds similar so i have decided to submit it here.

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Credit: MUFON

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