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Sunday, November 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Skaneateles, New York on 2018-11-10 18:25:00 - Zigzagging, then strait, and when i stood and stred at it, it stopped and it's like it stared back. i looked away at my dog, looked by to sky and it was gone . i looked north and saw it zooming away. it saw me, we had a moment and i'm scared.

I live at the north tip of lake, a very popular resort town in the finger lakes ny. it was dark, and i was walking my dogs as i do every night at the same time. it was a mostly clear, few thin clouds and a cresant moon. i was fascinated with the moons glow tonight, it was so unusual and couldn't stop looking at it. the moon was south west in the sky. while looking at it, 3 lights appeared a lower left of the moon, 1 big 1 small and 1 that had two or three lights and zoomed pasted the other 2 lights. so fast, much faster than any airplane i've ever seen. i continued to stare at the lights to make sure i wasn't seeing stars. they were not, they were moving fast next to each other, shaking and zigzagging, and then the bigger one stopped as if it knew i was staring at it and stared back at me. i stood there for about 15 minutes as we were staring at each other, i couldn't move. then my dog finally made a noise and i looked down at him and looked around to see if anyone else was in the park seeing what i was seeing, nope. i looked back up (i looked away for a total of 10 seconds) it disappeared. i looked north and i saw it was zooming very fast and away from me. i've never seen a ufo, and i believe i have tonight. the scaring thing is that it saw me too.

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Credit: MUFON

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