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Friday, November 9, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Hinton, Alberta on 2016-08-17 18:17:00 - Hinton/edmonton/wetaskwin/hobbema/ponoka/camrose/

A ufo is unidentified. i have been harrassed being called an aryan, it by some program and group, out of ponoka,hobemma, some in the wetaskiwin area. i have been told that some wingnut goes around saying he is a king of a universe. i told the rcmp i think this individual needs a psychological assessment. i have heard this program and made up group, the eastern stars or illuminati, with their made up code language, go around saying they figure laws don't apply. well the rcmp, edmonton gang units, alert know this program, group, code language is made up. i was born on planet earth, am a canadian citizen, find this group, program to be very bizarre. i was questioned in a cold case, to me being a missing person, something that happened as a young child. the edmonton gang units and the rcmp are aware that people have reported hearing voices around me, hey other people say this. i just tell people talk normal english. most normal people talk about changes. i have about a mothership in wetaskiwin, the rcmp and gang units are aware of this to. i have heard some go around talking about the end of the world etc. the rcmp, gang units, alert, interpol are aware of this also, they can hear to. people bring up to me about some secret society. we are in canada, people are free to think and speak for themselves. i never heard of any secret society before. that was suppose to be a witness protection program in a missing persons case. fact.

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Credit: MUFON

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