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Friday, November 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Tampa, Florida on 2018-11-23 01:20:00 - Life changing

A very close friend of mine who lives near the tampa area in florida was face timing with me when him and his father saw an orb appear in the air, then he put me on so i could view as they recorded. i have a 30 second video and you get to see it moving around nicely on the footage...I also have some footage for the next few hours as the situation kept on (what i would call) escalating. its other worldly, and the sounds that i heard while i was on the phone that were coming from the area gave me the chills and made my eyes and my friends eyes tear up. i would just really like answers as to what it was that they(the helicopters and planes in the area) were either transporting or escorting so low to the ground. it could have been a convoy but the fog that kept on building over the 3 hours that this thing moved slowly no more than a mile but the sky was in a smokey cloud that you can see progressively get worse and the orange light moves in the background, behind trees and houses. ive never denied the fact that we were not alone, but to see something like that ..Its just right there in front of you, that we are not alone.

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Credit: MUFON

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