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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Greensville, Florida on 1998-07-19 02:10:00 - 1 was diamond glowed orange and beams of light 20' long,2 was silver disk with 2 wide tail fins on top

I was traveling on interstate 10 at mile marker 235 at 2:10am to 2:15am when i start to see the first of 3 different ufo vehicles. i use to say one was diamond shape but it was more like 2 cones connected together since it didn't appear to have any sharp edges. it glowed completely orange like a car reflector light. it was around 40' from tip to tip and was hovering at first about 125' to 150' in a clearing just above the the tree line. there were about 7 white beams of light aiming down and they were 20' in length and around 1' wide. the beams only went down 20' and stopped. the ufo was hovering but when it moved to the west the beams of light stopped glowing and it left 7 vapor/fog where the lights were below the vehicle and i watched the vapor slowly blow away in the wind. there were 2 other ufos one was cloud shaped glowing and i couldn't see it but it was going north to south and i almost passed right under it with my car. it was about 300' above me. the 3rd ufo was way above the clouds 40,000+ feet and was huge. it was a round saucer shaped and was completely silver and shiney and had 2 wide tail fins on top and flat on the bottom. it rotated in place and then a light shined out of the one tail fin and the ufo started to pick up speed. i counted 1001,1002 and by the time 6 seconds the ufo was out of site. the ufo as it passed over the clouds shined a bright beam of light ahead of me.

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Credit: MUFON

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