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Monday, November 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Granby, Colorado on 2018-10-26 00:00:00 - Sphere over 4 feet in diameter, silent, broad daylight reflecting sunlight, black in color passed into a cloud and out again on same course.

Was up elk hunting near denver creek by the bridge on hywy 125 11.2 miles north of hywy 40 just out of granby co. at about noon i noticed a black object out of the corner of my right eye. thinking it was a large black crow i stopped to see what was a 3 to 4 foot diameter black orb moving on an unaltered course from east to west as best i can figure at an altitude of not more that a quarter mile up to the north of me. i noticed immidiatly there was no sound and as i first thought this was a child’s black balloon but there was no string attached to it and it was moving directly into a low hanging cloud below the higher clouds in the area. i tracked it directly with no obstruction for maybe 10 seconds. i strained my eyes to see if it would interact with the cloud (would i see wisps of moister swirl around when it entered the cloud) there was no such interaction. i counted about 7 seconds and it exited the cloud on what appeared to be the same course it had entered the cloud. it disappeard as it was getting farther and farther away till it was out of sight i could guess the speed at maybe 50 mph maybe. after the object was out of sight took notice that the low flying cloud was on a slow moving easterly course. the orb was going in directly the opposite direction much faster than the cloud and went directly into about the middle of the cloud. so i know it was no balloon. i can tell you the sun was shining on it and it appeared metalic and black in color. i can tell you it had no viable means of propulsion or navigation as it was an orb. i do not think it was a drone modified or otherwise as it was totally silent and there was no one else in the area that could have been pranking folks. i was exciting and exillerating to see this object and i know what i saw. i cannot explain it but did what it did apparently oblivious of me and my surroundings, the creek, my truck and the patch of willows i was surrounded by. frankly it kind of creeped me out. please feel free to call me as i’m curious to see if other such orb sightings are on the books and where. i did not photograph the object, it happened much to fast but i have photos of the exact area to illustrate the sky conditions and cloud coverage. sorry kind regards, mark

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Credit: MUFON

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