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Thursday, November 8, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in California on 2018-06-03 10:10:00 - They have been coming to this building and i can photograph them.

I began noticing these distortions, then they zapped my arm and 3 holes in the shape of a pyramid. shortly after that i can see a hidden layer of reality now the interesting thing is i can now photograph them, i discovered the secret and they are all over the place. more and more are appearing each wave of sightings. they stop for a week sometimes two and then come back. each time they come they become more lower to the buildings rooftop that doubles as a garden. they are inspecting us in our daily life. i have close up pictures of them looking into hospital windows and every government building in the city. they last came down and fumigated the entire portion of the city. also known as the ugly tenderloin district. the fog was so thick you could not see through it, and i even had trouble breathing until i got back in my apartment. the morphing seems to be broadcast 3d imagery the cloaking systems can project in a translucent manner. they show themselves dumping massive amounts of water on us. and i got video of it and i have color photographs of this massive flooding thing they keep showing me. they know i know how to photograph them because i actually met one of them. he came and thanked me and said how much he really loves me ???? i think they or some are happy i can see them. the way he sounded was like i had done something that saved them from doing something they don't want to do or that he was apologetic for something to soon happen. i honestly don't know what this means except for the religious symbols on these ships. and the letters they use are identical to lucifers alphabet. i know that is hard to understand how i know all this. i been doing this for many months now, and also the chemtrail thing is top hide all this activity from the public. i even know where the planes take off from. i have to compete with them to get my photographs and when i see them start spraying i get so mad. i have many pictures of these gigantic figures that these planes make a straight line or an x in the sky causing an artificial overcast sky. i have all the photographs and they are all genuine and one of a kind and can not be replaced. i do have them backed up though and i dont keep the chip in my place.

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Credit: MUFON

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