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Friday, November 16, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in St. Louis, Missouri on 2016-08-15 22:30:00 - I saw 7 ufos , 6 different ufos , 2 of tbe same kind. 1 triangular witb 3 straight sides , 2 triangular with 2 sides straight & bottom curved , 1 rectangular , 1 that looked like writing being scrambled , 1 star like & 1 glowing orb.

I was in my backyard emptying the trash when i looked to the south and saw a bright white orb above the treeline pulsating,then a yellow star appeared next to the white orb and it began to go straight up , as the yellow star rose it turned orange and kept rising up , it must have been going up in a giant arch because as i was looking at it go up it wound up straight above my head then it turned red and shot straight up very fast and faded out of sight, then a red rectangle appeared above the trees to the south and it started moving from side to side back and forth and sometimes the middle of it turned blue with 2 red sides,it was moving straight back and forth constantly,then above the same trees to tbe south a white line appeared and started scribbling very fast in many different directions moving to the east slowly above the trees,the white orb was pulsating and flashing,then i looked to the west and saw a triangular shape coming towards me very low,when it got almost to me i could see it was a triangular ufo with 3 white lights,one in each corner of the triangle. it was very low and i could clearly see it and the body of it was transparent but i could see the sides and as it passed over me i heard a swooshing air sound but it was a low frequency air swooshing sound, when it passed over it turned to the north in a circular movement , then another triangular ufo came from west towards me,i am facing west this one had 2 straight sides and a curved bottom like an arrowhead,this one had a large orange circle in the middle of it and as it passed over it also had a low frequency air swooshing sound and it also turned and moved to the north,i looked back to the south and the red rectangle was still moving from side to side and the white scribbling line was still scribbling like crazy above the trees moving east and the white starlikd orb was moving up and down and side to side slowly, i looked back to the west and another triangular ufo with the curved bottom was coming towards me and it was lower than the last one and i saw the big orange circle in the middle, the body was sort of transparent but i could tell the difference between the sky and the body of it and the low frequency air swooshing sound was louderthis time.All of this going on made me wonder if anybody else was seeing this amazing display of clearly ufos. i have seen ufos before but never these many different types at one time.All of this activity was starting to frighten me but i stayed out tbere looking, then i thought i might be harmed by the ufos so i went back inside my apartment building and as i was walking up the stairs to the second floor i was overwhelmed by all of this and i grabbed the handrail and started crying and when i got to the second floor where i stay i looked out the hallway window to the south i could still see the white scribbling light and the red rectangle still moving from side to side ocasionally turning blue in the middle and star orb was still floating around.I went in the apartment and put a cold wet towel over my eyes and laid down shaking.

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Credit: MUFON

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