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Thursday, November 15, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Wellborn, Florida on 2003-10-30 02:00:00 - N/a

This event involves my oldest daughter and the oldest daughter of a long time family friend. my daughters and i drove from brunswick, georgia to wellborn, florida; which we did several times through out the year, usually around halloween so my daughters could celebrate with my friend's daughters. on this trip, we stayed up sitting near a bonfire in her yard, catching up with one another, eventually going inside to settle in for the night. i checked on our two oldest daughters who had been watching t.V. late into the night. my oldest daughter and my friend's oldest daughter were sitting together in the family lazy boy recliner. when i went into check on them before bed and to tell them not to stay up too late, i noticed that they both looked scared. i asked them what was wrong and they said they 'swore that they just saw a "scary looking" face with big dark eyes'. i asked them to tell me more and they began to cry. my oldest daughter stated that she felt that something was watching them (the living room window was behind the recliner) so she turned to look and said she saw a pale whitish grey face with big black eyes in the window and that when she turned to look, it stayed only for a moment and then quickly backed away. so when i entered into the living room to check on them, it had just happened and they were both scared. so i talked them into going to bed reassuring them it was probably just their imagination and not to worry. well, a little later, approximately an hour or so, i heard a sound on the roof, heard the girls crying and sounding scared, so i went into their room where my friend's oldest daughter had a bunk bed and my oldest daughter was on the top bunk. when i entered into the room, they were both crying and scared again, claiming that they heard what sounded like tiny feet walking across the roof. i noticed that their pet was acting funny (nervous) too. this friend has also shared stories with me that she and her family have been "visited" before and that she feels she and her family have been abducted over the years. i was never sure, but was curious, because i had my own experiences over the years. on another occasion, at another residential location that this same friend lived at prior, we (my daughters, her kids, and her boyfriend-separate time with more witnesses) all witnessed a bluish glow coming from the woods in front of her house (both locations are way out in the country away from the city) and heard sounds. i remember commenting on that 1st incident when we were outside how i loved the sounds of the owls (there sounded like 2 or 3) hooting back and forth to one another. that's all i remember during this particular incident...It seems that at some point i was able to convince the girls to go back to sleep and we all did.This main incident only had 3 witnesses-myself, my oldest daughter, and my friend's oldest daughter.

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Credit: MUFON

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