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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hamilton, Georgia on 1974-09-30 21:45:00 - The ufo followed behind my vehicle as i drove for appx. 8 miles before i noticed it. once i noticed it, it took off.

October, 1974. it was a full moon. i was at my parents home recovering from back surgery i had in june. the doctor finally released me to "sit" for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. i was returning home at appx. 9:45, driving west on ga hwy 116. the moon was so bright, and with hardly any homes along the road, you could actually see to drive with your headlights off. i didn't, but it was bright enough too. i had driven appx. eight miles with this light behind me the entire way. i didn't think anything about it because i just assumed it was the moon. i didn't even look up at it, (knowing it was the moon). the trees grow up close to edge of road, so i couldn't see very far to the north or south. i finally came to where a pasture was along side the north side of road. i still was not aware of anything unusual, until i realized the moon was to my right, (north), beyond the pasture. i immediately thought to myself, if that's the moon over there, what is the light reflecting off my trunk and my rear view mirror. it was at this time that i looked directly into my rear view mirror and noticed a saucer shaped object, with three different colored light, flashing around it's perimeter. i slammed on brakes and stuck my head out the window to look directly at object. it immediately took off heading due south. with the trees growing close to edge of road, i only saw object for, maybe 10 seconds. that was it. it was over. no witnesses. just me. what amazed me so much about this sighting is most people see lights, especially a long way off. i could plainly see the craft, with the moon being full. it also amazed me with how quickly the craft went from hovering, to out of sight. the "g's" would have killed any living thing on earth. another perplexing thing to me, was the flashing lights. without the flashing lights, i would have never noticed the craft. this tells me that the lights are essential for the craft to function. there was absolutely no sound coming from craft. i was 21 years old at the time and i am not 65. i just wanted my story recorded. i know what i saw. there is no doubt in my mind what so ever. i am willing to be hypnotized.

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Credit: MUFON

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