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Friday, November 2, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2018-10-06 18:08:00 - At picnik table with friends and somthing in my head told me to look up and there it was. hovering high up in the sky above us. my girl and two friends saw it.

It was oct 6 2018 me my girl and two friends were sitting at the picnik table in the back eating dinner talking. i was checking my emails on my cell phone when something in my head told me to look up and there it was, a triangle in the sky hovering above us. i told my friends look there it is. they look up and saw it hovering above us.They were surprised. i saw three lights on the corners and white light in the middlit was turning or spinning very slow you could see the light flashing or pulsating.It stayed hovering for 5 or 8 min then started to move west. thats when my friends said theres a plane going the same direction, when the plane was getting close the triangle whent into clouds when it went pass and then came back out. but there were two more planes flying out the airport and turned in a different direction when they saw the object crossing there path. it was grey and had a red color to it, a bright shine. we obseved it going west til it was out of sight. you tell by the way the planes changed directions, they was it too. they were that close to it !!! i have cuple of pictures i took with my cell phone. u have to inlarge then to see the triangle in cloud.The second oic ut in the distance behind the tree in the sky.I would like to speak with mufon !!

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Credit: MUFON

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