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Sunday, November 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bromsgrove, England on 2018-04-10 02:30:00 - Bright light through rear window of my car

Me and my partner of the time was driving from redditch going through hanbury at around 2am and arrived at astwood lane at approximately 02:30am , as we usually do go for a drive on the night and listen to music and get some fast food at the 24hr drive through. as we got on to astwood lane i notice in my rear view mirror 4 separate dim lights wich at first was a car on the road behind us , this was until i looked again in my mirror that the 4 lights started to pulsate off and then on . imagine a car head lights with the fog lights on also , the shape it would almost be a rectangle with 4 lights. when the lights started to pulsate the two top lights on the left and the right pulsates and joined together with the two lower pulsating lights. and when this happened i stopped the car immediately and said to my partner what the hell was that ! and as i stopped my car the lights behind vanished. my car is still in stationary and as me and my partner went to go again in my car the brightest white light pierced through my back window and illuminated the whole of my car inside to the point even when me and my partner was looking straight ahead we couldn't see anything apart from white light , i couldn't even see my dashboard or any of my lights it was that intense ! then me and my partner screamed our heads of saying i love you ect and almost crying ! i put my car in gear 1 and put my foot down and we got to a speed of 60mph-70mph with the light dimming as we was getting further away and then i looked in my rear view mirror and a huge face in a grey scale effect along with the white light seemed to be pressed against or in the boot of my car , i looked at my partner to say did you see that and she screamed so loud and started to cry so we carried on driving so fast on a country lane to save our lives to what i thought i was doing. as we drove so fast whilst screaming and shaking with a body full of goosebumps the face just vanished. i was so scared for my life we came to a left turn at the end of astwood lane and taken the turn and i can not remember exactly the road as i was that frightened to take notice , as we got away from the light as i was coming around a bend in the road we checked the rear view mirror again to notice orange lights similar shape to the first 4 lights at the start but hovering along the road behind us and pulsating brighter and brighter until we came to a building with a few street lights to the left of us i stopped the car and me and my partner got out of the car so i can check the boot of my car to see if what we seen was inside the car as it was against or in the car whilst i was driving at 60-70 mph so i was convinced that something was inside . i opened the boot then realised nothing was there . we jumped back in the car and drove to redditch without any hesitation to get out of hanbury . as i got back home i dropped my partner back to hers and i was so scared and excited that i woken my mom up to tell her my experience.

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Credit: MUFON

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