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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Cocoa Beach, Florida on 2014-05-10 00:00:00 - I’ve been observing these objects for years-10 + ufo hunters “observers” ep. is showing the same thing we have seen all around cavaveral n central florida over the past 10 years this is what motivated this report i’ve moved to northal n see same objects

Initially, my women an i are avid star gazers....The florida sky is unmatched often times as far as star visibility goes....We often like to go outside at night and observe the night sky of constellations and awesome shooting stars. i realize that many of the stars were flashing and they were objects staying stationery and realizing this begin to observe them nightly whenever the sky was clear ....12 separate objects are the most i have observed in that skye at one time ...6 to the east, over the ocean and six to the west along for the banana river area all of them were stationery and flashing brightly sometimes different colors sometimes red and blue yellow sometimes just white and red sometimes blue white and green....No one eve asked has a good explanation for these things & some become irritated when i’ve pointed them out.... one object was very close to the ground maybe 500 feet and close to our house within a quarter of a mile i observed the subject for six hours in the night sky all the way till about 5:30 am at which time it’s lights damned out and it was obviously a saucer shape with a hole in the middle below it slowly begin to ascend into outer space until it vanished, as the sun was coming up....Now i was very excited and disturbed simultaneously. our place is only a few blocks from the beach( atlantic ocean) i’ve see the most activity over the water it seems they appear to hover most of the time but do you move slowly up words and down and right and left but not in fast emotions sometimes they will completely disappear and reappear in another part of the sky or be replaced by another light which is smaller it’s hard to say what’s going on with them they could be flashing lights as a communication tool just a theory... soon i bought an old telescope to check things out....With steps to the roof...Set up a sort of observatory n began seeing closer up......It was flat on the bottom and dome shaped on top the bottom layer flashes multicolor lights there is one layer of light switch goes around the top perimeter and only slightly flashes or doesn’t flush. these lights or white the other lights on the bottom or multicolored ....I showed a friend thru the device, & he sort of freaked in disbelief n would not look any more....I’ve found many people do not want to know what his sitting in front of them....I’ve witnessed a black-hawk face off with one at dusk about a mile or so from our house at an altitude of 3-500 ft just over the beach n 2 miles north of patrick airbase on a1a.....The object began to flash more violently as the copter zoomed into proximity.....I i was freakin, n sweatn bullitts....They faced off for over 15 minutes hovering in the sky as the chopper pivoted around it with guns pointed towards the subject the object flashed more violently and rose toward the sky to a higher elevation is this progressed .... finally the chopper turned around and bugged out at treetop level and high-speed away from the scene as the object rose higher into higher atmospheres ....I’ve seen severl other types of craft in different places but in the same county and general area it would be great for one of the investigators to come down and check it out for themselves...This happens almost nightly the hilo-thing of course was rare but they’re there every night ...I’ve also observed the same thing in north alabama hovering over the mountain tops lately ....Same, exact craft as in fla.... hope y’all will enjoy this.....I’ve got other witnesses to confirm, sleep tight

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Credit: MUFON

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