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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Basra Governorate on 2017-11-01 18:01:00 - Was moving towards me as lighted clouds rolling around object

I work in southern iraq. i am assigned to a small camp there as support for various exxon management personnel. first of all let me tell you i am a sceptic for any of this but open minded. i have a an extreme level of competency and common sense. i am not easily fooled. i i don't remember exact dates, but it was about this time last year. i walked out of my modular building to got to dinner. it was dark out. when i turned to lock the door i looked up to the west and noticed a bright object headed right towards us. it was up about 25-30 degree above horizon. there were no visible clouds in the sky. there were no planes i could here and no plane lights visible in the sky. the object immediately didn't feel right- i had a sense of dread in my gut because it was not anything recognizable. it was like a rolling white cloud with a bright white headlight beaming directly ahead of it. but it produced it's own white cloud that was in front and around it rolling or billowing over as the object flew towards our camp. i did no see any tail or wings. i did not see any tail or wing lights. this is part of why it seemed unearthly. it was actually frightening because it was headed down towards us about 1-2 miles away. it was very distinct- meaning not fuzzy or unclear. it was clear and obvious but not normal. i was actually kind of afraid and began running to get help when another person walked by me outside and i said "look at that thing up there in the sky" he is a engineer and he looked and said "what is that"? just then the light went out but the cloud that was rolling in the sky kept moving and turned south. so now i was witnessing a white cloud about the size of a large aircraft moving across the sky with nothing around it. we could see the cloud do to to regional surface lighting. this cloud was about 500-1000 ft above the ground moving about 100 miles hr southwards. there was no wind and no other clouds in the vicinity. it was not normal. i was shaken. i consider myself a smart guy, but this was unworldly. i told someone at dinner- a retired military guy here. i said "either i just saw a ufo, or the usa has some extremely advanced cloaking technology for their drones. he said nothing .

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Credit: MUFON

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