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Saturday, November 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Paris, Île-de-France on 2017-08-22 22:43:00 - Glowing object mimicking a plane, flying backward

Have you ever seen an airliner moving backward? here’s a video i took back in august 2017 while in paris, showing a “fake plane" hovering on ivry-sur-seine, just beyond the south-eastern side of paris ring road. point of observation: paris 75013, 22nd floor of a tower. unlike common airliners descending and approaching their final destination (paris orly airport) following exactly the same path every single night, this one was showing the same intense front light of a descending plane but was not proceeding toward the airport as usual (that is, disappearing from my sight in just seconds, moving from left to right out of my windows): it was standing still in the air, like hovering. that's what caught my attention and made me decide to take a video with my camera (canon powershot sx20 is, optical zoom 20x). i added for your convenience not only the original video (30 fps) but also a couple of frames (#0173 and #1564) showing how the plane moved from right to left in less than 40 seconds. as a point of reference i used the red lights on top of one of the chimneys of "syctom", a domestic waste disposal plant located nearby the ring road. for your convenience you will find also some snapshots showing how the object changed color (orange-reddish, yellowish, green) and a map. as a side note, i noticed something additional and strange in the last 7-8 frames of the same video, a kind of elongated "rod" flying just outside my window, from top to bottom. it does not seem an insect or something commonly seen everyday. you decide.

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Credit: MUFON

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