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Sunday, November 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mount Holly, New Jersey on 1971-06-30 00:00:00 - Quietly whirring circular aircraft just above treetop - at dusk - in suburbia

I was about 11 years old, about 1971, in a town in new jersey. perhaps importantly, about a half-hour drive from mcguire air force base. it was a nice evening with the window open, so summertime. i was looking out my second-floor bedroom window at dusk, the time of evening when the colors are gone dark but you can still see people and things. the house next door had a big maple tree in front. suddenly there was a circular thing just above the tree, about the diameter of the its crown. it had little lights along its edge, multicolored like christmas tree lights, and it moved by, not fast, with a soft whirring sound. of what i could see of its shape, it was a disc. i just saw it a few seconds as it passed from view i.E. over our house. i ran to the upstairs window on the other end of the house but the air conditioner was in it. i was scared to tell my parents in case it was an army aircraft and we got in trouble for me seeing it. i was more scared that it wasn't an army aircraft. it made no sense... if it was an experimental aircraft from mcguire, why would they fly it over our town? we lived next to a forested hill, in which direction it was moving, which was something else scary to think about. i was terrified that whatever it was had seen me see it. it made no sense... how could an aircraft that big be so quiet? was it a glider but with a mini-engine? what glider is circular? there are no circular aircraft. why would it have multicoloured lights instead of simple white lights? i never told my parents or siblings about it then, i was afraid my parents would think i was crazy, or get in trouble. i checked in the local paper in case anyone had reported something, but nothing. i did not tell anyone until thirty years later. i still cannot make sense of what it could have been.

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Credit: MUFON

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