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Thursday, November 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Westlake Village, California on 2018-11-13 09:24:00 - I saw a ufo inadvertently captured on video during a live news broadcast.

To clarify, i witnessed what looks like a ufo on live tv. here is a link to the footage as i filmed it from my tv screen: i was at home watching the ktla morning news as i was getting ready for work. the live news story being filmed from a helicopter was about a heavy brush fire in the coastal mountains in nearby westlake village, ca. as the video linked above shows, at approximately 9:24 am (11/13/2018) the footage inadvertently appeared to show an extremely large flying object traveling in the distance beyond the smoke plumes, not far from the planes and helicopters attempting to put out the fires. the object appeared rectangular in shape and moved steadily from the right to the left of the screen until it disappeared off screen. the photographer must not have noticed it since he did not follow it and stayed focused on the fires. i immediately noticed this anomaly and feverishly hit rewind on my digital cable box so i could record the broadcast to my phone. after playing it back a few times, i was convinced this could only be a ufo. i attempted to contact the the news station and they responded saying the pilot and photographer both claim that it’s a ship out in the ocean and that it isn’t the sky. and because of perspective and the way that the helicopter was moving, it appears to be moving faster than it actually is. while covering the fires this past week and last, they said that there is a shipping lane out there and they’ve seen dozens of cargo ships go through there. as a photographer and video professional myself, i must respectfully disagree with their conclusion. i did some calculations on this and their explanations simply don’t add up... first of all, there is very little (if any) parallax movement between the mountains being filmed, so we can safely assume the helicopter is somewhat stationary during this segment. due to perspective, objects far out in the distance would not noticeably gain speed the way it does here. secondly, most container ships are about 1000ft in length. i timed the distance which the object in question travels it’s own length (2.5 seconds) and if it is a container ship, then it’s traveling at 272 mph or about 236 knots. even small planes max out at about 200 knots. it just doesn’t add up. please know i’m not interested in wasting anyone’s time, but i do believe there’s more to this than what can be easily explained, and i really hope someone on your team can look into this further.

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Credit: MUFON

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