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Friday, November 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in London, England on 2018-10-31 13:50:00 - Dark object moving oddly in the clouds in the distance, approached rapidly then hovered and disappeared

I was recently stressed from moving houses to north london and to relax i had taken to sitting in our new courtyard watching airplanes as we were now located under some busy flight paths. my partner came and sat with me on the steps and we were conversing about some serious topics as i was staring into the distance and thinking. it was a sunny day with patchy clouds and a dark object in some distant forming rainclouds on the horizon attracted my attention simply due to the odd movements it was exhibiting. i had been watching airplanes for a good 10 minutes and was used to seeing their slow and steady flight paths. this dark object appeared to be moving in tight curves, ascending through several layers of a smattering of small rainclouds, appearing and disappearing through the clouds as it quickly rose in altitude. i first thought perhaps it was a bird of prey riding thermals before realising it would have to be an impossibly large bird to be visible at such a distance. at this point i wasn't listening to my partner anymore as this dark object stopped it's steep and random twisting ascent and rapidly approached in a straight line towards us. i pointed it out to my partner as i was taken aback by it's sudden approach, it came from the horizon to nearly over us in under a minute. after pointing it out and exclaiming 'what is that!?' they also saw it and were confused and used their phone to try zoom in on the object before taking a photo. it slowed it's approach and seemed to have descended as it now appeared much larger as a pitch black curved chevron shape. it appeared very flat with no visible engines or body, just two large spiked and curved wings which came to a point at the front and back, wider than it was in length. we were both alarmed when it started slowing as it approached over our house until it just stopped moving and instead hovered. at this point we both stood up and my mind suddenly leapt to a ufo as i had never seen a plane simply stop and hover before. i was aware that some fighter jets could hover and it perhaps appeared the size of a large fighter jet but this object was making absolutely no noise as opposed to the airplanes that had been passing by previously. it sat there suspended for several seconds before adjusting it's position a little to the left and hovering, then to the right and hovering further- it did this a further few times and me and my partner both expressed an uncomfortable feeling of being watched as it was right above us and had only stopped once i pointed it out to my partner. the movements were eerily smooth and controlled and it didn't appear to tilt as it moved until it started advancing slowly over the house, where for a second the sun glanced off it. this was the only point at which it didn't appear as a completely black solid shape. we were concerned that we would no longer be able to see it soon as it started to slowly move away over the house so we both rushed inside and upstairs to the attic room with a window on the other side of the house. it was all of 30 seconds and the object could no longer be seen. we rushed back down again and checked out the front and back of the house but this object was no longer visible anywhere in the sky. we were both confused and slightly shaken by the experience and started researching unusual airplanes/jets/drones to see if we could find anything to match the description of what we saw but came up empty. i'm forced to concede it was a ufo as i truly cannot identify what object we saw in the sky. i felt slightly scared after the event as it felt the craft had acknowledged our presence by stopping over us for a few minutes and i checked the skies several more times that day but saw nothing out of the ordinary. i found it strange that such an object would be visible over north london during clear daylight hours. i thought ufos were seen at night in america by ufo fanatics? it happened so suddenly and i was glad i hadn't been the only witness yet i wondered if anyone else had seen this odd object as it seemed so glaringly obvious in the sky. my partner had taken one photo which simply doesn't capture the sharp black outline of the craft very well but it's better than nothing. i wish i had filmed the event now but it happened so suddenly i simply didn't think to. i haven't told anyone else about it for fear of them thinking i'm being crazy - which is why i'm glad at least my partner was also a witness. a couple of days later i thought to research if there was anywhere on the internet i could report the experience and found this website.

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Credit: MUFON

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