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Saturday, November 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in El Cajon, California on 2000-06-15 00:00:00 - Traveling on state highway when state police cruiser pulled alongside on right, aimed a device at me, produced a bright flash, and sped off.

Preface: i want you to understand that the boxes i checked in the above section of this report form were required, and because they were required, i tried to choose the most appropriate under the circumstances. i did not know how to explain this event in any better way without writing my narrative, because as you will see, the event is not typical in that it does not share the standard format. i have no intention of misleading anyone; i was simply trying to do the best i could under the circumstances required before i had a chance to explain. background: i was formally trained as a research scientist, at the undergraduate and graduate level, focusing primarily in psychology and physics. at one time i subscribed to your mutual ufo network (mufon) newsletter when i was living in los angeles, when walter andrus was the director. (i might still have some of those original newsletters, which i seem to recall being published in a paper magazine format with a subdued yellow cover.) at the time, i was very interested, and even had thoughts of becoming a formal ufo investigator, which i unfortunately never pursued. anyway, i have been interested in the subject for most of my life, and now understand that i have had many incidents of significance relating to this interest. catalyst: i have known about this particular incident for about 15 to 20 years now, telling others whom i felt might understand, especially those i thought might be able to provide some kind of insightful answer for me. but this evening i was watching the mufon "hangar 1" documentary series which i recently discovered was being offered on my streaming video system. i had already watched the first episode regarding ufo hot spots and the second episode about alien body recovery, and tonight i began watching the third in the series about police encounters with ufo's. turning point: when i watched the sequence describing the two police officers and what they experienced with the overhead craft and paralyzing (although they later broke free) beam of light, the event suddenly came vividly back to me, and although i do intend to watch the rest of the episode, (as well as the rest of the entire series) i felt i had no choice but to stop watching the video, look up mufon headquarters, and attempt to report the event. within my extended family and circle of friends i have had ample opportunities to relate this story in hopes of gaining insight from someone in law enforcement, and have done so. but not one to date has ever been able to explain what happened. they all say that they have no idea what occurred, and although i know that their denial could be a cover story fabrication, knowing them all as i do, i truly tend to believe them. maybe you won't understand it either, but it seems to me to be the best chance i have to get it across to someone who might. i am completely willing to take that chance. time line: i know that this is vague, but it's the best that i can do for now. maybe i can look into it and narrow it down further, but presently i believe that as best i can recall it occurred sometime between the beginning of 1998 and the end of 2001. i know this because i am certain of the vehicle i was driving and the passenger who accompanied me. location: san diego county, traveling southbound in the center lane on ca state route highway 67 between ca state route highway 52 and the us interstate 8 freeway. time of day: estimated approximately between 10:00am and 11:00am, plus or minus one hour at most. conditions: light to medium traffic, sunny and clear atmospheric conditions, comfortably warm temperature, approximately 80 to 90 degrees fahrenheit, not noticeably humid. we were driving on a pleasant day in unremarkable traffic on a beautiful sunny mid-morning. incident: we were driving casually with the windows open, and carrying on a light conversation. at one point in the conversation, when i turned slightly to my right to face my passenger, i noticed what i first thought was a california state highway patrol cruiser coming up on my right. my passenger noticed my attention, and also turned to the right to see what i was looking at. by that time, the driver of the vehicle had pulled up alongside of my car, and was holding a constant speed to remain perfectly side-by-side with us, so that his left front door window was even with my right front door window. we had a perfectly clear view in that position for maybe ten or fifteen seconds. details: i noticed several things which stood out to me. for one thing, although the car seemed unremarkable, type and markings, appearance, sound, etc., i immediately noticed that it was unusual that there would be two officers in the car. i had quite often seen highway patrol vehicles on this stretch of highway, as their local headquarters is located nearby, but i had never seen a patrol car with two officers inside. the ones i had seen were always driven by a lone officer. more details: and another thing, their uniforms looked different. they were both wearing identical uniforms that were completely dark blue, with no exception. i had never seen them wear dark clothing in this area, they always wore light colors, tan, khaki, presumably and understandably to reflect the heat in this climate. my passenger and i looked on (i had to drive, so i couldn’t maintain a constant gaze) and they looked at us in a way that seemed very unusual for law enforcement officers. they made no attempt at communication, verbally or otherwise, they simply both kept obviously looking at us. as far as i could tell, there was nothing particularly interesting about us, so i was beginning to become very curious, puzzled by this behavior. it was really becoming unnerving. then a really unusual thing happened. peak experience: as i already explained, i was driving the car, so i could not maintain a constant gaze on the patrol car or its occupants; i had to briefly break eye contact just often enough to maintain safe awareness of driving conditions. but as fortune would have it, i was able to observe the following behavior without interruption: the two (presumably male) officers sat side-by-side in the front seat of their car, and at that particular moment, the one sitting in the passenger seat leaned forward, so that i could clearly see his entire upper body torso. he held out something in his hands, some kind of object. i could not make out any distinguishing features, but it appeared to be a dark, square (or nearly so) box that i would estimate to be approximately 10” on each side, flat black in color, with no protruding features i could see. then, while still leaning forward in his seat and facing us, he lifted the object not quite shoulder high, but enough to clear the window opening of their car, and it emitted an instantaneous blinding flash of intense white light. even in broad daylight on a perfectly clear day, the brilliant light flash was dazzling enough to create a momentary blindness, and i struggled, blinking to maintain my orientation… i was still driving a car at about 65 miles per hour on the highway in traffic. needless to say, i was stunned and incredulous as to processing what had happened. now this took a moment for me to describe it verbally to you now, but what happened next did not. at the very moment the flash occurred, and even though i was somewhat unable to see for a moment, the driver of the patrol car hit the gas and took off like a proverbial shot… at which point another very unusual thing happened: i hit the gas and took off after them in hot pursuit. what’s going on here?: i can’t explain how or why i responded the way i did, but i took off after them with a vengeance. they were trying to outrun me, and there was no way i was going to let them get away. crazy. trading places: i was in hot pursuit of this patrol car for several miles, they were weaving in and out of traffic like crazy, cutting off cars at speeds well over 100 miles per hour, and i was on their tail the entire time, matching their every move. it’s really something the way an adrenaline rush takes over and you become dead-set on your mission… it wasn’t like it was the most important thing to focus on… it was the only thing to focus on. the realization that i had never done anything like this before never once even remotely occurred to me. as far as i was concerned, there was no way they were going to get away from me, and that was final. we had traded places, if not in physical appearances, in spirit consciousness identity. a moment of reflection: like i said, this high speed chase went on for several miles, with no sign of letting up… i had become totally at home in this frame of mind, like it was second nature to me, and gradually became more and more “ordinary”, until while continuing, quite comfortable in my role, i vaguely noticed a distant thought cross my mind: exactly what did i think i was i going to do if i caught them? i then realized that for all outward appearances i was a civilian in a domestic automobile pursuing what appeared to be two uniformed law enforcement officers in an apparently appropriately marked patrol car. did i think i was going to pull them over and arrest them? issue them a traffic citation? maybe let them off with a warning? what? epilogue: well, the longer i though along these lines, the more i lost immediate interest in the pursuit, and gradually slowed down until i merged uneventfully back into the stream of traffic. and i hoped it stayed that way, at least until i could get off the highway and out of the car to think about this whole affair… which fortunately is exactly what happened. and thought about it i have, for about twenty years now. no one i’ve ever related this incident to claimed to have any knowledge about that box, or what it was for. to me, it felt like, looked like, and appeared to be some kind of camera. but i suspect it has to do with something more, like maybe space-time dimensional adjustment/alignment... ...After all, there’s gotta be a whole lot easier and less conspicuous ways to get my picture. but i never forgot they day when i was in high-speed pursuit of the cops… if indeed they were cops. or maybe it was the day i chased a ufo.

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Credit: MUFON

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