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Thursday, November 22, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 2018-11-21 04:30:00 - It was hovering at a distance above a building and then suddenly vanished

1. i usually work from home in nights so as every weekday i was sitting on the sofa with my laptop in my laps. 2. i smoke cigarettes and so sit near the window of my living room right beside the window and when i was dropping the ash, i noticed a triangular light above a building in the distance. 3. first i thought it was a light which was on a tower installed on the building roof. 4. since i thought it was alight, i did not pay much attention but when i looked out again to drop the ash again, i realised that it was higher than i saw it first so i took my phone and decided to take a video from the window. while taking the video, i noticed that it was gradually rising vertically and in a few seconds, it disappeared completely. 6. i have always believed in ufo and extraterrestrial life forms but i never thought i will spot one myself. on the first sight, i did not react but i thought it was just a light but then when i saw it gaining height, i got a little excited and thought of waking up my wife but it may have vanished by then so i thought of taking the video first as a proof that i was not hallucinating because i have keen interest in the subject but was well in my senses and what i saw was real. 6. i was recording the video and while recording from the window, the bars in the window blocked it sight for a second and then it was gone.

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Credit: MUFON

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