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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Tacoma, Washington on 2018-11-17 00:00:00 - Fast moving triangle of diffused large difussed lights moving in a northbound direction at a fast rate of speed

While soaking with my wife in our spa, i was seated in the south-east corner of the spa facing north-west. my attention was fixed to the sky as the leonid meteor shower was at it's peak. the sky was clear and the visibility was unlimited. this is rare for the puget sound region in november. we are located under the flight path of air traffic arriving and departing ksea. the atc flow was northbound this night as we were enjoying favorable weather with a gentle wind out of the north. i observed numerous aircraft arriving into ksea that evening to the east, (low altitude, descending northbound on final approach) and numerous outbound aircraft directly overhead. (higher altitude, climbing southbound) i have been a pilot for over 30 years and clearly understand airspace, and what aircraft should be where in a terminal area. (we re located under the sea class b airspace) while engaged in a conversation with my wife, facing northwest bound i noticed a fast moving triangle of diffused lights to the west, approximately 30 degrees above the horizon at its highest and closest point to me. the triangle was rapidly moving on a northerly heading. the 3, (three) lights were diffused light, i thought this very odd, as the exceptionally clear conditions allowed the stars to be seen with exceptional clarity. upon seeing the triangle, i immediately stooped the conversation with my wife and pointed the object to my wife and had her attempt to re-position in the spa. (she was in the northwest corner of the spa) she was unable to re-position in a timely manner as the triangle was moving so rapidly, she also did not have on her glasses that aid her far vision. my wife was struck by my response, as she knows that i have a military background and that of a pilot. seeing the bizarre lights, moving at such a high rate of speed clearly befuddled me and got my attention. i said, "what the heck is that!" "look, look, moving northbound, three lights...." i lost view of the within four seconds as it's flight path was then obstructed by trees and its progression below 30 degrees. there was no sound discernible from the lights, and the spa pumps were not running. it was fairly quiet in the neighborhood.

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Credit: MUFON

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