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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in New Lisbon, New Jersey on 2018-10-03 19:30:00 - Silent flying triangle seen above forest treetop with bright pulsating lights at corners

I had just arrived at the brendan t. byrne campground after a long 15 mile hike on the batona trail. it was a very dark night, the campground was completely dark, and i was hiking alone with no one else in the there. as i was searching for a good camp spot, near sites 54/56, i happened to notice an odd and unique looking set of pulsating lights up in the sky to the northwest through a break in the forest canopy above the campground road. the lights pulsated very rapidly with various colors. i was fascinated by the appearance of these lights, which i have never seen before. (i grew up near the philadelphia international airport and have witnessed many planes landing during the day and night.) the color of the lights very rapidly shifted. there were 3 lights forming a triangle, all moving at the same rate and velocity. i could not see any craft or solid object. the object made no apparent noise. earlier and later airplanes in the sky made noises and looked completely different and further away. i attempted to take a video of whatever it was on my iphone, but it was too dark and nothing showed up. (it was also difficult to aim the phone correctly, and the sighting didn't last long enough.) listening to the video, i can hear crickets and very distant car sounds but nothing else. the object moved at a steady velocity and didn't change direction. it moved to the northwest until i couldn't see it anymore above the forest. it was definitely just above the forest canopy, but didn't appear more than approx. 1-2 miles or so away. it appeared so low that it was right above the forest northwest of my position.

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Credit: MUFON

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