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Monday, November 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in South Bloomfield, Ohio on 2018-11-07 18:30:00 - Saw three yellowish white lights move in blink .Then saw a second object.

I was traveling south on us23 in south bloomfeild oh. i was the passanger in the car.A few moments before entering south bloomfeild the driver asked me if the sky was cloudy.I replyed that it wasn't. the driver said that she had spotted some flashing lights when we stopped for a traffic light i saw three lights flash in a straight line directly in front of us . it gave the apperance of something skipping .The rear light was bright and then dimmed.Then the middle light did the same.The third one did the same.The lights were moving to the west.We traveld a short distance and i told the driver to pull of the highway. the driver got out of the car and was trying to spot the object again.I got out and came around to the rear of the car.I looked directly overhead and saw a what i thought was a super bright star.The driver was looking in the opposite direction.As i was looking at what i thought was a star it starts to move in a straight line traveling in a south to north direction.Then it made a wide curve to the west and came to a stop.I called to the driver to look.All she asw was a light that looked like bright star. i checked the time it was 6:40 pm . i asked her to take a picture with her cell phone .The light was to high to show on the picture.After a few minuts we stated south again. after traveling maby two miles or so i looked out the window to the west i saw the three lights flashing again .They were headed in a northerly direction. i told the driver to pull of on a side road so we could get a better view.When we did we lost view of the object.That was the last we saw of it.

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Credit: MUFON

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