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Saturday, November 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sidney, Ohio on 2018-06-15 22:10:00 - Watched 3 lights for over four years

Sitting on front steps.Objects pulsated red white and blue.Did not know what objects were.Looked at them once with 300 power telescope.They rotated flashing the three colors,seemed to be communicating with each other.Looked like a spinning disc.I once shined a flashlight at them with no response.Then one night i shined a red laser at all 3 from a handheld temperature measuring gun.The sky overhead suddenly lit up with fast moving white orbs coming south to north and they stopped overhead.I went in the house never wanting to do that again. i was visited in a dream state by 2 grays and a insect type.The larger, the insect stared at me with mean looking eyes.I perceived this as a warning.I have been in electronics since 1961 and i decided to make a copper reflector with a light and radiowave diode,1n34a.Before i made this one night i was pulled out of bed after i heard a noise like glass being ground in a machine.My pillow had like fingermarks on it seen with a uv light.I took the pillow to a local priest and told and showed him.He never contacted me back but gave me holy water and a book of prayers.I decided to make the detector after this and one morning i went to the basement and found shelving and old radios knocked down.I thought i may have just overloaded the shelves.Then i noticed a crack in the basement window,it was locked.My detector was not to be found.I had never heard of anything coming through walls and taking objects but i have no explanation and am very disturbed about this.I don't want to fool with this stuff anymore.

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Credit: MUFON

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