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Saturday, November 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in North Kingstown, Rhode Island on 2008-10-17 00:00:00 - The orb rose over the tree line vertically then moved horizontally and off to the north

My friend and i were in my car on our way to see max payne (the mark wahlberg movie). we were headed west on route 138 and then took the exit to route 1 north. the way i remember it, we were still on the exit ramp when we saw an orange orb rise straight up (vertically) from behind a tree line. my friend and i both noticed it and started discussing what it could be. it was difficult to tell the size of the orb as we were also unable to tell how far away it was, but if i had to guess i'd say it was approximately 100 to 300 yards away... again this is a guess. the orb stopped ascending vertically and started moving horizontally to the north until we were no longer able to see it. i don't remember if it got too far away to see or our view was just obstructed by trees or something to that effect. the whole episode took only seconds and my friend and i were perplexed but not overly shaken up as i recall. we continued on to the movie theater. the event stuck with me however which is why i recently did a search online to see if there was somewhere to report sightings which lead me to this website. i have spoken to my friend about it within the last few months to make sure i wasn't misremembering things (as it has been over 10 years now) and he remembers it as well. i brought it up casually because i didn't want to weird him out and he was clearly not as affected by it as i was, he said something along the lines of "oh yeah, when we saw that orange light" and i didn't get much more out of him and didn't want to press the subject. we are both in our 30s now so i didn't want to come across as a tin foil hat type.

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Credit: MUFON

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